Tuesday, November 4, 2008

A Vote For McCain and Against All Congressional Incumbents

America is at a watershed moment, and the choice for President could not be more clear.

John McCain: An honorable war hero, who fights for what he believes in, has a long and strong bi-partisan record, who will guide us through these rocky times and grow our economy, while protecting us from all those who would do us and our allies harm.

Barack Obama: A neophyte with no record of bipartisanship in his short Senatorial career, whose mentors represent the very worst that America has to offer, and who, along with Pelosi and Reid, would turn this country into an inwardly focused, socialist nation, leaving our global enemies unchecked.

Congressional Races: As I stated in my first post on this blog: Vote out Every incumbent in Every race! That's the change we need.

And most of all, please just VOTE!

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