Tuesday, June 16, 2009

When Should Americans Take Action?

Contributed by A Patriot

"Today, a ghostly question of the past hangs over America as a reminder of the penalty for complacency. That question is, "What should the German people have done, and when should they have done it?". Historically, Americans try to rectify domestic wrongs in courts, or at the ballot box. If the administration continues to tilt the courts away from justice, and stuffs the ballot box with the votes of 13 million newly created Hispanic "citizens" from illegal aliens, what then is the recourse? Do the words, "In the course of human events...." begin to take on a more current meaning? Will there be a 'forced' call to arms? Where is the line in the sand?

Just what is the "requirement" for the Internal Security Force in this country? Why would such a force be necessary? Is it in anticipation of the response of patriots pushed too far into a corner? Perhaps we shall see. If the balance of power cannot be restored in the federal government, if the Constitution becomes a meaningless document due to bureaucratic shredding, the answer to these questions may not be pleasant for those accustomed to peace in the streets of America. It will be a sad day for Lady Liberty, if freedom cannot be managed through the open discourse of informed citizens. And, if the mainstream media continues to delude citizens, they will carry the stigma of traitors for the rest of history.

It has been said that people get the type of government they deserve. If that be true, will we remain free, or will we become slaves to an all powerful socialist government? In the end, we will get the kind of government we deserve based on our action, or inaction, in response to a clear and present danger to our freedom. Is that not the same predicament faced by the founders of the Republic? Have we lost our moral and ethical bearing, our principles, our values, and our courage to the extent that we will actually relinquish our freedom and dignity without so much as a whimper? We are rapidly approaching a deadline for
answering that question one way or another."


undertaker said...

The answer to the question is simple. NOW. Get involved now. Speak out now. Give your feedback to Congress now. Talk to everyone you can, right now. We are teetering on the edge of the cliff, so do what you can, now.

Mad Mom said...

We cannot afford to wait for the mindless minions to wake up to the clear and present danger which we face. Those who can see the danger MUST engage or it is they who will be unable to answer their children and grandchildren when asked, "Why didn't you do something?" Those who heed the warning will not be able to hide behind the wall of ignorance, unlike so many who remain cluelessly oblivious.

undertaker said...

And we sit watching ABC refuse to allow dissenting opinions as they air the "nationalized health care infomercial" from the White House. It appears George Soros and Bozo still have ownership of the Media Lapdog. I have news for them. The Patriots Are Coming!

USWeapon said...

I agree that the time is here for some actions to be taken. I do want to stress that we have to make sure that the actions that we take are the right ones, however. Writing letters to congressmen has proven to be a waste of time. The only ones that they will pay attention to are the type that get passed to DHS so they can come and get you, lol.

I have been accused of sitting by and letting things pass without action. I don't feel as though that is the case. I don't want to go flailing about at every action that gets suggested. I have to see the end game and understand how it can succeed. MadMom is doing some great things in her state. But I am not sure we have the numbers yet to succeed at a national level.

To that end I think the most important thing we can be doing right now is educating those around us. Organize group discussions on how to educate the mindless masses. Write a blog. Do something that will start the process of awakening the giant. I don't think the giant is awake just yet. Even something as big as the tea parties were only had, at best estimates, a third of a percent of the population participating. We need to wake up a whole lot more people. We need a plan for how to effectively do that.

Mad Mom said...

USW, I agree that actions made in haste are not in the best interest of the country. But part of action is awakening the masses and that is done via boots on the ground, ACORN style tactics. Tea Parties represent a small portion of the people who feel the same way, but are unable to participate because of work (particularly in an environment in which people are fearful of losing their jobs), ill-health, other commitments, or fear. But it can't end there. We need to build a farm team; we cannot just expect to take over the roles of leadership from nowhere. We need to physically speak to people, hand out information, attend meetings of like minded folks and bring them together, develop relationships with respected current leaders, use the media to our advantage to develop credibility. This takes ENORMOUS effort, 24/7 effort, of lots of folks. Not everyone can easily pass through the worlds of the rich as well as the working class blue collar crowd with equal aplomb. Those who can need to step up to the plate now and build the army, raise the funds, spread the word, identify candidates for office and develop their resources. The people will follow. Gladly. Time to put the brakes on the destruction of the Republic, and work out the details of the rebuilding as we go. For this will not be an easy effort. Waiting will only allow the opposition to develop an insurmountable machine. And all will then be for naught, despite the good ideas and intentions developed by those who sat on the sidelines, educating the masses. Take turns from the playbook of the left. Their educational efforts are far more aggressive, and they have a multi-pronged attack to win. With 41% of Americans calling themselves conservative, and 21% liberal, how did we get to this point?