Sunday, November 15, 2009

What Will It Take for You to Take a Stand?

Last night I attended a GOP “Meet and Greet,” hosted by a group of beautiful women at one of their gorgeous “House and Garden” homes in an affluent neighborhood. The food was delicious, the wine sublime, and the hospitality of genteel like minded couples unparalleled. The Governor and his delightful wife made an appearance, and both gave heartwarming speeches, as did a candidate for Governor of our state. It was a picture perfect evening which went off without a hitch.

So why did I awake the next morning with a sinking feeling? I had just met a great group of educated and presumably informed people who had an understanding of the issues which face our state and our nation. These are not your average folks; the resources at their disposal put them in a unique position, somewhat buffered by the economy which ravages the average working folks, and with the time, money, and access to information which give them a distinct advantage over those who live from paycheck to paycheck.

As I watched the speakers perched on an impressive staircase in front of a rapt audience discuss their ideas for a better tomorrow, I pictured similar scenes taking place 240 years ago, in which our founding fathers stood to make their pitch for the creation of new nation; a nation of the people, for the people, by the people. I imagine that those orators would have suggested to their listeners that the time had come for action; that as leaders of their communities, with resources, means to spread the word, and ability to sway the masses working simply for their everyday survival, that now was the time to take a stand for freedom. And not just for their freedom, but for the freedom of generations to come.

In my state and my country, we are at a not so dissimilar point in history. Our freedoms are under assault in all corners of our state and federal government. As the leader of the tea party movement in RI, I am proud and honored to have met thousands of average working folks who have had “enough” and are willing to take a stand for their freedom. Junkyard owners and nurses, retirees and teachers, stay at home moms, and small business owners; each and every one fills me with a sense of hope that all is not lost.

But some members of the political party which should embrace the tea party ideals of fiscal responsibility, accountability, and a return to Constitutional principles seem content to converse amongst themselves and host beautiful gatherings with beautiful people. By and large, they do not show the fortitude to speak amongst a room full of foes, and debate the merits of their stances on the issues. Why is this? Why are people, even educated people of means, cowed by the opposition, which has nothing but tired long disproved theories in their arsenal?

My charge to the leaders of our communities is this: it is time for bold action in defense of our freedom and freedom of our children. It is no longer acceptable to simply host gatherings and hope that change will come, for without the concerted action that only you can take, it will not. You must consider running for political office (no matter how distasteful that seems), you must donate your time and money to go on offense against the corrupt status quo, you must speak the truth, even if you feel you may offend some. Times which test us require men and and women of strength and resources to reach outside of our comfort zones. Be models for your children. Our future, and theirs, depends on it.


Fredd said...

Any thoughts on how a Red State-type can make a difference in a dark, deep Cobalt Blue state like Illinois? Home of 'Chicago style politics.' I have too much baggage to run for elective office as a conservative, the media anal exam would crucify me.

Mad Mom said...

Yes, Fredd! Spreading the message of freedom in an entitlement state is like missionary work- convince one person at a time. At the gas station, in line at home depot, wherever; engage engage engage. Know your stuff- knowledge is the ultimate weapon. Give tme and energy to good candidates who emerge from office. If you have reources (you are good with website design, you are a lawyer, you are a graphic artist, etc) use your talents to get good people in office. It doesn't have to be at a high level. In blue states, we need to develop a farm team at the municiapl levels n town councils and school committees. Go to the State House and watch your legislature in action; write to them and the local papers. Organize like minded folks. Most of all, always stand for freedom and let the crooks know we are not going away! Thank you for your efforts!

Mad Mom said...

PS Please excuse all my typos!

Casey said...

I agree. I do the same thing all of the time. Get people fired up! I live in Michigan, and people are tired---even here in a Blue state like this. The message is spreading and people are mad. Let them know that there IS something that can be done. Spreading the word is as important as a vote!

Anonymous said...

Wow, you are so down home, you are so in touch with the population. Go You!

Anonymous said...

"Why is this? Why are people, even educated people of means, cowed by the opposition, which has nothing but tired long disproved theories in their arsenal?"

The answer is simple, they all want your vote regardless of party. Open your eyes!

"My charge to the leaders of our communities is this: it is time for bold action in defense of our freedom and freedom of our children."

So join the Army then, talk is cheap.

Mad Mom said...


I am part of the army. The army of ordinary citizens who are rising up to engage in active citizen goverance and taking a stand to effect change. What are YOU doing to change the course of destruction in which our nation is headed?

Anonymous said...

Why is it the Dems get so fired up about being active to avert the coming apocalypse when the GOP is in office, and it's the exact same thing when the Dems are in office. Right now, it's the end of humanity for the GOP, oh my God, they lost an election, and the crazy Dems are at the helm of the country, what will come of our USA? Calm down people, this has been going on for damn, over 230 years now, and we are still here.

However, it's so peculiar how the Republicans act as if everything the President does is absolutely wrong, yet while Bush was in office, he could do no wrong. All the Conservatives seem to have a voice against the Prez when he wasn't the guy they elected, and vice-versa. WAKE UP PEOPLE! It's all the same BS, no matter who is elected. This county is so divided because it benefits one party or another. Do you really believe abortion is a political issue, or that gay marriage is a Federal issue? How about religion as a means for political agenda... we are supposed to have seperation of church and state, but the church is a huge political player here in the US. It's funny how the right has garnered the Christians into their party by using abortion and homosexuality as a political tool. The dopes who follow along don't even realize what the Right is supposed to stand for: States rights, limited govt. intervention, free markets. That's hardly what Bush and his party did with their eight years: they used govt. to intrude into everyones life as they see fit with unauthorized wire-tapping, gave $700 Billion dollars to Wall Street for a "bail-out", told California how they will run their state "or else" when concerning marijuana, declared war on a sovereign nation that had nothing to do with 9/11, implemented torture, just to name a few. If they were truly Right, they would have let the chips fall where they may on Wall-Street, and left the states to implement and vote on their own laws, and been much more fiscally Conservative (as the title states).

So, let's all quit pretending like the problems just began because we have a Dem in office. I'm sure we haven't forgotten the $4.00 a gallon gasoline just yet. The funny thing is, the Bush administration never really gave us a good explanation for that, except that Saudi Arabia wasn't going to produce more oil for us, so once again, it's the Middle East's fault, not ours. It couldn't possibly be the slimy oil execs fault, you know, of Exxon Mobil, who posted the highest profits ever recorded by a corportation during the Bush administration. So ironic, don't ya think.

So, once again, lets stop pretending the country is going to hell in a handbasket because Obama wants to pass socialized medicine. I don't necessarily agree with it myself, but I know it's not the root of all evil in this country. I'll leave that to corporate greed.

Anonymous said...

I'm in the REAL Army Mad Mom. In which I've given more blood, sweat, and tears to this country than the other 97% of the population. Active Citizen Governance? Why be such a hypocrite and only pursue active citizenry when the Dems are in office, yet lay back and go on auto pilot when the GOP is in? Do you really have that much faith in your GOP elected officials? It boggles my mind why anyone would label themselves Right or Left, and then blindly agree with what one side or the other says or does. They're all crooked, so wake up.

And the course of destruction you speak of, it's funny how this is only occuring now that a Dem is in office. We've been sailing down this river long before Obama took office, you can blame the previous administration for that. But you wouldn't dare do so would you, because you voted for Bush and couldn't possibly have made a poor choice in your decision.

The real key to progress is to do away with the two party system and stop buying in to the rhetoric of either side. It's nothing more than a power struggle between the two, and who has the most influential friends to get them elected. Do you honestly believe that our great country could only offer up two qualified people from which to choose in any given election? That's ridiculous! Our electoral process is a joke, and is in need of serious revision. So let's stop playing one side against the other, because when you have an Us or Them mentality, real progress is stagnant, and cohesion is non-existent. That being said, your active citizenry should be aimed at all citizens, not just the ones that you find like minded, and believe me, I've read enough of your blog to know where you stand. "Organizing like minded folks" is easy, the true task is educating and informing those who either disagree with you or lack the knowledge.