Monday, October 20, 2008

It's Socialism, Stupid!

One of the biggest frauds perpetrated in the current Presidential campaign is the notion that the economy and the current financial crisis is a positive for Obama and the Democrats. Poll after poll shows that most people feel that Obama would handle the economy better, and that McCain would continue with failed Bush economic policies. While the current situation is complex in it's details, and there is plenty of blame to go around, the basic issue at hand is not the "deregulation" argument repeated ad nauseum by Obama. Without a government backed toxic product to sell, the market for toxic securities would never have existed, at least not to the level they now do. Sure, the geniuses on Wall Street could have concocted something to chop and dice into credit derivatives, but even they could not have found a market so VAST, and so TOXIC, with a defacto US government seal of approval behind it to lure millions of customers into a false sense of security. Without the social engineering experiment perpetrated by Acorn, (an organization with which Obama was involved and to which his campaign recently gave $832,000 for what may be a fraudulent get-out-the vote effort) and the Democrats, which demanded that banks provide mortgages to unqualified buyers, the current financial crisis would not have been born. By failing to regulate Fannie and Freddie, the Democrats made the situation even worse, because the market of toxic mortgages was allowed to erupt in size, with a US government stamp of approval. A complete fraud. A complete failure in social engineering, which is the Democrats' ideal in government policy. Why has McCain not pointed this out? Do we need a "Joe the Accountant" to ask Obama the question to get the message across to Americans?

Do we want more of these failed economic policies to drive us deeper and deeper into a hole? We will suffer the consequences, and that will be a cruel punishment. But if the cold eye of history, and our children and grandchildren look back and blame the crippling debt they inherit on us, it will be a travesty. What will we say to them?

Make no mistake, social engineering will explode, should Obama win the Presidency. Socialist policies do not work. How often do you hear about Denmark as a world leader in anything? But we ain't seen nothin' yet.

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JT said...

Joe Biden has just reopened a sleeping giant with his "mark my words" statement, enabling McCain to point to Obama's lack of foreign policy experience and judgement and the dangerous position that leaves America in. Our enemies clearly want Obama to win and Joe articulates that fact perfectly.

Without Biden's comments McCain would be called for "fear mongering" by the Obama/Biden ticket and the left if he pressed on the danger that terrorism brings to our doorstep.

With Biden's quotes in hand McCain can now simply query the true meaning of Joe's statements ad nauseam, insuring that the American people have these thoughts in their mind during the last days of the campaign.