Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Where's the Outrage?

In yesterday's lead article, USA Today outed Congressional misbehavior and criminal negligence concerning the financial meltdown. So now we should all be aware that BOTH political parties, along with myriad other villains, are to blame. As ordinary citizens, the only group over whom we have any control is Congress. So my question is this:

Where is the outrage?

Why have the Democrats, who engineered and protected the great social experiment in home ownership for millions of unqualified buyers under the guise of Fannie and Freddie, been left unharmed, at the ready to gain additional seats in Congress, whilst Republicans bear the brunt of the blame? Do we want policies coddling those who default on mortgages (and you just wait and see- credit cards as well) to expand?? Has personal responsibility become a quaint, old fashioned notion?

Don't get me wrong. I still feel that members from both parties ought to be fired, and a new legion of uncontaminated Congressmen and women be offered a seat at the table. Should they too become corrupted by the influences in Washington, then good riddance to them next election. But to keep the current batch of foxes and weasels who raided the henhouse on watch demonstrates either complete ignorance of the issues at hand, or unbridled partisanship. In the current economic climate, when we need to be thinking as AMERICANS, both characteristics are deplorable.

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