Friday, May 22, 2009

Hey America, Do You Remember?

Written by Thomas Segel

Harlingen, Texas, May 20, 2009: Hey America, do you remember when a single political party took over complete control of the government? It happened because of bitterness about the war and unhappiness among the citizens.

Do you remember when people started believing that the only way to solve what they perceived as problems was to ignore the Constitution? The lack of citizen concern for the way the country should be governed led to multiple constitutional violations.

Do you remember when massive financial support provided the funding for the election campaign? This was particularly evident when wealthy businessmen offered their backing.

Do you remember when the opposition party, religious groups and other interests were blamed for the countrys ills? Things were made to sound so bad that only one party and one man were identified as being able to save the nation.

Do you remember when everybody was promised everything? There were so many changes being promised to so many people that support came from everyone who felt personal need for government assistance.

Do you remember the attacks on people of different political beliefs and on opponents? Even the media and the courts closed their eyes to the lies and distortions offered up by the campaign.

Do you remember when the media became a tool of the new government? There was an infiltration of personnel supporting the promises of change into every element of the media and the people seldom heard the complete political message or truth of the times.

Do you remember he came to power during an economic collapse? The number of unemployed grew. There was major crisis in the country and people needed something or someone to blame for their problems.

Do you remember he was a brilliant speaker, his presence had a power over people, he was a good organizer and a smooth politician? Do you remember he was a driven man, who believed he had the destiny to become the leader of his country? Do you remember that his strong ego and self-belief persuaded other people to believe in him?

Well, most of you are really not old enough to remember. It happened 77 years ago in a country called Germany.


undertaker said...

And he was not a citizen of Germany, his father abandoned him when he was young. He was a narcissist. He built a terrific volunteer youth program that served him well later. Oh,yes, I remember. I went to a school that really taught history, not liberal horse manure.

Ron Russell said...

You are correct, all of those things were in play when the National Socialist came to power in Germany. Sadly, history does repeat itself. Things will eventually change, but the question is how damage will be done by Barry and company before his reign is over.

Anonymous said...

All so true, but unfortunately the country may have to learn the hard way. I personally don't see the Messiah wanting to leave office at end of his term, he will begin push for 3rd or even go for broke on unlimited terms for POTUS next year w/congress. If unsuccessful there he is using his world wide appeal to position himslef as world leader in chief. I wonder what subterfuge he will use to lock himslef in as president ( using some phony constitutional power or ?) This is the first time in my life that I'm very concerned and troubled for my countries future, I see a type of hate and ego coming from the president that is disconcerting. Something is just not right with this guy!!?

The Inside Skinny said...

this admin is creating a disaster for this country. check this out. Here is a comment we received from our blog,, on a post entitled "Sick and Tired of "Entitlements""

You are 99% right.
But capitalim will not disapear: "We" ( from the emergent countries )
are doing our homework.
Go to China for a vacation.

Don't you americans get used to believe how magnanimous you were,
invading and domesticating other countries, with cultural models (if
not militar force for the "sake of freedom and democracy")?

Capitalism will not die. Just relax, we will keep the capitalism
alive, not for you, but for ourselves. Of course, we will adapt it in
our best interest.

And please, keep expending money to save your slopy dead companies a
little bit more! It`s so ammusing.
By the way, if you do not devaluate your currency by yourselves, China
can actually do it for you.
We can think in several ways to do so, including cleaning our arses
with the american dolar reserves.

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Kathy said...

Ok, you got me....was thinking the great BO....

Very scary

dommy said...

I am worried for Me My Family and America as many of you fine folks are also I believe Fox news and MSNBC are trying to get another civil war started I am once again very worried they way both media corps talk and present themselves worry me