Wednesday, July 15, 2009

House Democrats Health Plan a Pain in the Neck

Do you like rules and regulations and the government making choices for you? If so, you are going to love the Democrat's new universal healthcare plan and all of it's mind-numbing bureacracy.


ET said...

This diagram looks like some kind of board game. What next??? Do we all get a little silver slipper, sailboat, or maybe a thimble to help us navigate through this health plan? I know I can't figure it out. This is a bad joke!!!! Unfortunately, with this plan every hard working American loses.

merylee said...

We have on advantage..... we are the "masses", we outnumber them. the challenge we
face is how do we change the hearts and minds of those who support government managed care.

IT'S SO Easy. Just target their the core of their their families. It worked great last nite at dinner with friends who are diehard leftists. It worked with several move on gals that I debated while waiting to see Sen. Martinez staff.

The major leg of a campaign is to push "equality" in health care whereby it would be ILLEGAL to exempt or make exceptions for any American in any health care bill passed. This Health Care provision would include but not be limited to the Rockfeller, Soros types, Congress, President, FEDS, Attorneys, Goldman Sachs guys, etc.).

Equality" across the Board in Health care is definitely a winner if the right buzzwords are used. Even members of the Move On .org group agree with EQUAL health care for ALL Americans and their children.

We run ads showing our children( black, white, asian, etc) comparing them to the children of Congressional members, Senators and even Malia and Sasha Obama. It's a no brainer!

NO American's health care should be substandard to the health care enjoyed by the President, Congress and their families and other government officials.


Mad Mom said...

You ladies get it. Time to rumble!

undertaker said...

And equality in social security retirement benefits for the Congressmen. That would show they think they are equal to their subjects.