Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The Obama Doctrine: Redistribute Wealth, Redistribute Health


undertaker said...

With the government in control of Health Care, and don't forget, for those who have the public option, that means your complete medical history, there will be limits and barriers to the tests and procedures that will be available. If you are over 65, will you get that MRI or CT scan? Will mom get the dialysis treatment to keep her alive? He sounds a lot like a train conductor. "All aboard! Next stop, Euthanasia Town".

G.A.Rowe said...

1. He did not answer her question.

2. I interpreted what he was saying as a prelude to senior euthanasia, which means that politicians will determine if you are too old to receive medical treatment under Obamacare (or maybe we should rename it "Obama-NO-care) - "Soylent Green" anyone?

Proud Soldiers Mom said...

Anyone ever see the original movie of "Logans Run"? If not, and you want to see our future, you really need to watch it!

frediano said...

As usual, the breeze from all of Obama's hand waving was substantial. Maybe T Boone should back up some of those fallow wind turbines, follow Obama around.

He's going to get rid of the waste, and maybe say, 'Hey, maybe the operation isn't for you. Maybe, you should take the pain medication.'

His wrists must be really buff.