Monday, September 14, 2009

A Few Questions for Liberals

Why would some twenty eight states feel it necessary to enact legislation to protect their sovereignty today?

Why are so many people purchasing ammunition and weapons at a rate never seen before in this country?

Why does the White House think it necessary to have an Internal Security Force as large, as well equipped, as the entire US Military? What is the requirement for that?

Why, if the second stated purpose of the Stimulus Bill was to provide relief to "those recently unemployed", has nothing been done to get people back to work quickly?

Why did so many states consider not accepting the government money from the Stimulus Bill?

If the Republicans are correct, and the national debt is going to increase to $20 Trillion as a result of the Stimulus Bill and the
Government Bailouts of Wall Street, Banks, AIG, and Detroit, are you aware that every man, woman, and child in the United States, all 300 million people, will each owe $66,666.66?

Do you like the idea of paying your mortgage and someone else's mortgage? Do you like the idea of paying for your health care, and someone else's health care, and in return receiving lower quality and rationing of that care?

Do you like the idea of the government telling your doctor what he can prescribe for you?

Why would Obama pay attorneys a million dollars to hide virtually all his records if he has nothing to hide? Is this transparency?

Why won't Obama release the names of the visitors to the White House since 20 January 2009? Is this transparency?

Why have Inspector Generals been muzzled? Is this transparency?

Do you like the idea of Government taking over banks, the mortgage industry, and the automobile industry?

Do you still think ACORN is a “swell bunch of community organizers”?


Anonymous said...

Answers to questions 1-5:

Republican paranoia and hypocrisy

#6: No, but see answer to questions 1-5, add "religious hysteria"

#7-8 No, but you just accurately described the mortgage and health care insurance industries as they now are. Can we please have some regulation now please? I guess not (see answers 1-6).

#9 Not transparency, no. Not true either.

#10 See answer to #9

#11 In a democratic republic, government should be answerable to the people, but the people need to be willing to make government answer to them, each administration, no matter republican or democrat. You folks have quite the double standard going on, which kills your credibility and makes you sound like hysterics. If you had been asking the same questions of Bush, you might have a case. Otherwise, it's just paranoia, racism, and religious hysteria. Enjoy your pain....

Anonymous said...

Oh sorry, missed answering your last question.

No, never did.

grannywithapitchfork said...

My husband marched on Washington a week ago and I have never been prouder of my country or of him. That is not to say, I have not always been proud of my country as a child and an adult. We're finally remembering who and what we are: one nation, under God. United within the Constitution. And yes, we will fight for this republic. I for one am willing to do whatever it takes, whether it be taking up arms or standing up to those pathetic losers who hide behind moral equivalency at every turn. If I hear "But THEY did it!" one more time I think I shall puke. Most of them have no idea what's really going on right under their snotty noses. They have nothing but name-calling and empty platitudes on their side. We have the whole armor of God. Thank God! No, I'm not self righteous, I'm asserting righteous anger.