Monday, September 14, 2009

An Open Letter to Marty from the Huntress


I realize you may not like or want to have your head clouded with facts. Nevertheless, here are a few:

You are incorrect about about “50% of the country supports him.” 50% of the country DID not support and currently DOES not support Barack Hussein Obama nor his policies. Do you even know what percentage of the electorate participated in this last election? Obviously not.

No, this country was not “set up,” as you call it, as a democracy nor to practice democracy, which is mob rule. This nation was established as a democratic republic and is based on U.S. constitutional law, not mob rule. And it remains (barely, “thanks” to people like YOU) a Republic. And the overwhelming majority of Americans intend to keep it that way – because the overwhelming majority of Americans value and support the Constitution and want to preserve it as it was written – a FACT that every independent poll in this country shows.

Your definition of conservatism is biased and patently absurd. Conservatism seeks to CONSERVE, to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States. And I, like millions of Americans, will fight with my last breath those who seek to usurp, diminish and destroy it – or as you so quaintly put it “change.” It appears that you were either too lazy and disinterested – or worse, intent on helping to weaken this nation – to even bother to ask, “Change what? And change into what? What SPECIFIC change?” Can you even articulate the change you want or sought, Marty? State your case, SPECIFICALLY, and we will listen – because Obama sure didn’t specify and STILL does not specify what he wants to change that he believes is so “fundamentally flawed” (his own words) about the Constitution and the United States.

A FACT about the right wing, Marty: the majority of Americans describe themselves as right of center, not left. Additionally, numerous polls show that, if given the chance, more voters would vote for a Republican candidate over a Democrat candidate. Rather than seeking to restore your once great Democrat Party, through your insults (and probably your actions, too) you seek to destroy the other party. And thus, though you say otherwise, you seek to destroy the check and balances of our two-party system and thus, you really seek one-party rule (which is also Obama’s policy and actions to date, so at least you’re consistent), which is tyranny. Thus, you insult the majority of Americans (which is also what Obama constantly does, so again, at least you’re consistent with him in your shared hatred of most Americans); and unknowingly or not, you support tyranny, which is the enemy of America and American principles. What does that make YOU, Marty?

Wrong again, Marty, the right was not built around all the utter nonsense you parrot. It was and remains built around the Constitution, and that which is outlined by the Constitution, including: limited government, not this big, bloated, ever-growing, ever-invasive, ever-spending behemoth we now have “thanks” to people like you; the right was and remains built on equal rights and justice for all under the law, not special rights for one group over another group based on race, gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, income, etc, etc, that we now have “thanks” to people like you; the right was and remains built on a strong national defense and national security based on diplomacy and peace through strength, not appeasement of our enemies whilst they use the time to strengthen and further arm themselves to attack us and/or our national interests and our allies, which is the situation we now have, “thanks” to people like you.

BTW, “peace through strength” is the foundation of what’s called Neo-Realism in foreign affairs/relations and diplomacy, Marty, a subject that you should spend a little bit of time actually reading, studying and understanding before you attempt to expound upon it or criticize previous administrations and/or individuals who are far more skilled and knowledgeable in that area than are you. Read a little bit of economics, military affairs, and history, too, and definitely read the U.S. Constitution. Since you obviously don’t do a lot of reading in any of those areas, I would also strongly suggest you at least check out these two links, as they will explain more to you than you currently seem to know:

The latter link is a very interesting video of a 1985 interview with Yuri Bezmenov, ex-KGB. It is as relevant today as it was then, and speaks to our current financial melt-down. Listen to it, Marty, and perhaps you will begin to understand or at least have an inkling (one would hope) as to just how much of a “useful idiot” you and Barack Hussein Obama are to those who seek to do us real harm.

Now, of course, I realize you - being resistant and close-minded as you are whilst accusing others of the same – will instinctively take your ostrich-head-in-the-sand stance and dismiss the latter as “right wing scare tactics.” I assure you this video is not. It reveals the very real and ongoing strategy of those who are anything BUT right wing, those who very much appreciate what Barack Hussein Obama is doing to this country. You must understand something, Marty: There are individuals throughout the world who wake up every morning actively seeking ways in which to literally destroy this nation and everything its represents and destroy you. That is not a scare tactic, Marty, that is a FACT. They do this not because of anything we’ve done to them. They do it because they hate the founding principles on which this nation stands, they hate our liberty, they hate our independence (that which remains of it and hasn’t yet been squandered) and they hate who and what we are. And they hate you, Marty.

And speaking of scare tactics, Marty, it is astonishing - even from one so myopic and na├»ve as you seem to be - that you do not and/or chose not to see the conspiracy, fear and scare tactics that this Obama administration constantly propagates and puts forth. Obama handpicked and appointed a czar who actually believes in that absurd 9/11 conspiracy – such an insult to the families of those 3,000 lost lives. And please don’t say he “didn’t know.” You’re not still buying that line from Obama are you? Obama knows the backgrounds, beliefs and worldviews of those whom he chose. So what can you logically conclude, Marty (that is. if you CAN logically conclude) that says about the background, beliefs and worldview of Barack Hussein Obama? As a candidate, Obama ran as a centrist, a moderate, a post-racial and post-partisan president. He lied. He is none of those things. And we all know that by what Barack Hussein Obama said himself about himself: “Judge me and judge me for who and what I am by the people I will have around me in my administration.” Tax evaders, Marxists, radicals, self-avowed communists. Need I go on, about who and what they and Obama are, Marty? These are FACTS.

Inscribed upon the fireplace mantel in the State Dining Room of the White House is the prayer/blessing that John Adams wrote to his wife on Nov. 2, 1800: “I pray Heaven to bestow the best of blessings on this house and all that shall hereafter inhabit it. May none but honest and wise men ever rule under this roof.”

HONEST and WISE. We now inarguably know – by HIS OWN criteria of how we should judge him by whom he has CHOSEN to have around him - that the current occupant of the White House, Barack Hussein Obama, is neither a honest nor wise man.

Wise and honest leaders and their administration do not set up Web sites that encourage citizens to turn upon one another, to snitch on ordinary citizens for something vaguely described as “fishy.” This is the tactic of fascists. It was used by the Nazis in 1930s Germany. All for change. A wise and honest leader whose party dominates all branches of government, and who gets every stimulus, bailout and other legislative bills he has sought since taking office (legislation that he has repeatedly said will improve the economy and save jobs but in fact has made the economic and employment situation far, far worse) does not behave as a little boy and constantly blame it on previous administrations nor seek to shirk responsibility for an economy he OWNS and for which he IS responsible. This constant juvenile behavior and shirking of responsibility is unseemly and unprecedented – especially from someone who relentlessly sought the high office he now occupies and said he was prepared and knew what he was getting into. This is not the behavior of a wise and honest man, but of a child seeking to make excuses for his own bad decisions and refusing to accept the consequences of them. My six and eight-year-old nephews know better than to try that and aren’t allowed to get away with that behavior. So I cannot expect less of a president than what I would expect from a six or eight-year-old.

Some things for you to consider about what you call “messes.” You do not define those “messes,” you only parrot. So because you then immediately follow that parroting with vague, ill-defined statements about war, money, the will of the American people and foreign aid/assistance, one has to assume those are the primary areas of concern for you. Yet the following appears to be perfectly OK with you: In less than six months, Barack Hussein Obama spent at least four times the amount of money that the previous administration did in eight years. In fact, the Obama administration has now spent more than all the other combined previous administrations. So Barack Hussein Obama abysmally fails the test on money spending. With the exception of those strategies of the Bush administration, Obama himself has no strategies for victory in Afghanistan and Obama himself has no exit strategy. Only days into his administration, Obama approved bombing that killed women and children on the Pakistan border. So on all these, Obama fails your test standards on war.

In fact, Obama does more than just fail those test standards about war – because he has made some of those changes you love so much and he is in the process of making more. And since he has done so, these changes have and will continue to get some of our best and bravest needlessly killed. But you probably like that ours and our troops’ enemies should be marandized. Obama has also changed the ROE over there. That’s Rules of Engagement for people like you who have never served and know NOTHING about the military. And BTW, Marty, the VASTLY overwhelming majority of military members are also those right wing and conservatives for whom you have such contempt, and who also did not vote for Barack Hussein Obama – and that, too, is a FACT. Additionally, you make reference to the war in Afghanistan being the “right" war and the one in Iraq being the “wrong” war. You might want to learn more about the difference between Al Qaeda and the Taliban and learn more about the primary areas out of which Al Qaeda and the Taliban operate before you offer any further critiques of “where we should have been in the first place.”

Know this: The inexperienced junior senator Obama wanted war in Afghanistan and the still inexperienced and unskilled Obama, who has never studied military affairs or foreign affairs, still wants war in Afghanistan and this is HIS war, he OWNS it, it's on HIM. Know that those Russian battleships armed with nuclear missiles that recently sailed into the Carribean are on him too. Do you have any idea how close that is to the southern shores of the U.S.? Do you have any idea of the range of those missiles? I doubt it. I doubt you're even aware of that situation. That's on Obama too. So is North Korea's first time ever threat to target Hawaii with missiles. You speak of "inflaming." You have no idea of what's been inflamed in world in the past eight months the since Obama the apologetic and appeasing "peacemaker" has taken office. It's all on him. So, yeah, Mary he sure has brought up some "issues," as you call them. And in his "dealing" with them, notice that with his historical recordbreaking big spending programs (including his recent enormous funding of Brazil's oil industry - gee, ya think the Brazilian government will cover all the expenses of and do a good job of cleaning any their oil spills that float up on our southern shores?), he continues to ensure China - a real bastion of "liberty" - will own a bigger part of yours, your children's and grandchildren's lives. Know, too, that the recent sale of missiles to Iran by Russia is on Obama, too, as well as everything else currently happening in the Middle East. I’ve been in the Middle East, Marty, as well as lived in some of the socialist countries of Europe. You should visit and/or live in both of those regions of the world and under their cultures and systems of government for a while, as I have. I assure you that it will be an enlightening experience for you and will open your eyes – especially in regards to what we should or shouldn’t change – which brings me to another topic you raised:

Some facts about Islam, Marty: Well, FINALLY an Obama supporter admits the obvious: Obama is Islamic, if not in actual daily practice, then certainly in acculturation and attitudinally. The rest of us knew what people such as you chose to ignore and deny along with his denials in his campaign. And that is another lie. What does it matter? For one thing, it was part of the information deliberately withheld from voters because he and his advisors knew he would not be elected if most voters knew what they now know about Obama, his background and his true policy positions.

Have you ever read anything in the Qur’an / Koran, Marty? I have. I own a copy. This enables me to check for myself the accuracy and validity of what the media and others quote. Contrary to what you said and apparently believe, Islam is far more than simply a religion, and far more than a creed. It is also a geo-socio-politico-government system. It is not compatible with western democracy or democratic republics. Now, you might be shocked by and you might think, “oh, how intolerant” that last sentence is, Marty, but that is true Islam. And if you think that sentence is intolerant, you ain’t seen nothing yet until you’ve experienced the “tolerance” of Islam. So you go ahead and buy all that those secular catch phrases, whitewashing and packaging / rebranding that they’re trying to sell to you as being Islam, but I don’t. Why? Because I’ve been in that part of the world and because I’ve heard it straight from the horses’ mouths numerous times, in detail and at length. I’ve talked with people who’ve grown up under the Islamic system, people who have successfully escaped it, and people who would like to escape it. One of its main principles/tenets is expansionism and conversion. In other words, Marty, that means world domination and you not having a choice or any say whatsoever in whether or not you convert to Islam. Unlike Christianity, Islam has not undergone a Reformation. So all those arguments about it being no more bloody and violent than and just as peaceful as Christianity are absurd and patently false. Furthermore, unlike Christianity, Judaism, and Hinduism, which all accommodate other regions, Islam does NOT accept or accommodate any other religion (BTW, Hinduism is extraordinarily accommodating). Islamic (or what you know as Sharia law) does not recognize or accept any other law as being equal to or above it, usurping all others, including the secular laws of western democracies and republics and including our U.S. Constitution. What that means, Marty, is that Islamists in our country can and MUST, according to their law, ignore our laws and our Constitution, and obey only Islam. OK with you?

LOTS of detailed passages are in the Qur’an/Koran about how to deal with/what do do with Unbelievers (like you, Marty) of the “One and Only True Religion,” and they’re not pretty. And under Islamic law, women are absolutely NOT equal. LOTS of Koranic passages about that too, and about how unclean, evil and seductive women and EVERY part of women’s bodies are. So they must not be shown. Even exposed ankles and hands are such dangerous spell casters and tempting body parts, ya know. And bonus, Marty! – as a True Beliver, you legally get to beat your wife if she has a “headache” and isn’t in the mood to share your bed and/or if she’s disobedient to you in others ways both small and large. Another example: In matters of justice when a jury of men is selected – if and ONLY if there aren’t enough men around for that ALL MALE jury, then TWO women must be selected to replace ONE man. You see, Marty, that’s because, at best, one woman is only equal to half a man and is only half as valuable as a man. (To hell with being entitled to a jury of your peers, as we are entitled to under our system.) I forget which Qur’anic passage number (Surah) that one is. Ah, but here’s one number I do remember (Surah 4:11) because it’s interesting and just sooo reeks of “equality” too: A female heir can only inherit half the portion that a male inherits. In fact, Marty, YOU have little say to no say in who gets what of your estate because Allah (Islamic law) determines all that for you in great detail.

Innocence and ignorance of these obscene repressive and oppressive laws is not an excuse. Let me tell you of just one of the many incidents that happened during the time I was in an Islamic country. It was one of those more “moderate” Islamic countries, though there’s really no such thing as “moderate Islam.” That’s just what they tell you to get you to accept their expansionism in the West and what some of those so-called moderate Islamic countries do to attract businesses and tourism and to show a very, very thin veneer of tolerance to secularism to outsiders and other foolish Unbelievers. Four young Dutch women were in bathing suits at a seaside beach. So other folks in bathing suits were there, as well (most of them vacationing Europeans). But these Dutch girls happened to be quite good looking and without male escorts, which is not good. The Islamic “justice” for those four Dutch girls: they were brutally gang raped. Of course, the rapists would probably get a minimum of 6 to 10 years in most states of the U.S., but in this case, the perps – the “guilty” party - were those innocent women. Of course, being a “moderate” Islamic country, there were no arrests and no trial where the women would’ve – and should have, according to their laws - received further punishment for their “crime.” So you bet your butt that I wore a scarf on my head, loose ankle-length skirts and loose long sleeved shirts that covered my arms and kept a low profile in public and went almost everywhere in the company of men – definitely in the bazaars – while I was over there. (And I always tried to conduct my routine business with shop keepers who were known to me, thus to reduce the risk of my being kidnapped - or worse - all of which happens often over there to women.) And even all that was considered racy in some places. And I’m absolutely sickened that Barack Hussein Obama apologized for us to these regimes. I am sickened that Barack Hussein Obama (and YOU, Marty) had the temerity to lecture us about tolerance, and say that we as a nation need to show more respect and tolerance towards Islam and Islamic countries. I am sickened that he draw a moral equivalency between Islamic and American principles.

More than 50% of the U.S. population is female, Marty, and I can assure you that most Americans will resist and will NOT tolerate those kinds of backward and oppressive laws, values and attitudes here in our country. I can assure you that both conservative and liberal American women will not tolerate that kind of oppression in our own homeland, and for you to suggest we do so, is - unintentionally or not - an obscenity and an affront to liberty-loving people.

This will be harsh for you Marty, but someday you will realize this, and hopefully, you won’t realize this too late: You are ignorant, inexperience and too arrogant to know you’re both. You are young, Marty, and you must open your eyes because you will likely live a long time and you must protect what’s been hard won and given to you by others before you. You must open your eyes and protect the personal liberty and and rights that have been handed to you. Otherwise you may someday wake up and no longer have those liberties and rights and the sovereign nation in which you live and the associate opportunities all of these allow for you to pursue. These things are a gift that has been handed to you and to all of us. That gift has been at great cost to others before you. And you must think well, hard and long before you would so casually exchange or trade that gift for something of far less value. That you would cast away so rare a more than 200-year-old heirloom gift simply for the sake of change is both shortsighted and immature. And your casting it aside is also viewed as incredibly selfish by the millions of people who share in that 200-year-old gift and VALUE it and do NOT want to change it.

Lastly, in regards to your last sentence – “So, if you don't like that America can elect someone who wants change, then leave” you don’t speak for all Americans, Marty, nor were you elected to do so. And as the lower voter turnout of the last election shows and as all the current polls show, neither does Barack Hussein Obama speak for all Americans; nor does he even appear to be interested in speaking for or representing all Americans, as evidenced by his months long relentless attempts to ignore the will of more than 85% of the American people and ram ObamaCare down our throats. My family has been in this country for almost 375 years, Marty, the length of which matters not, except to point out to you that members of my family and others like them have bled for this country; and thus, they and others like them were and are heavily invested in the survival and future of this Republic with a fierce devotion and in ways that you cannot even begin to fathom. They and others like them bled and continue to bleed for future generations, including foolish and easily beguiled young puppies like you, Marty. But they did NOT bleed for the Republic so that you and others like you would give it away. Know this: Those of us who did NOT vote for Obama’s hopey-changey crap and those of us who hear the spirits of our Founders and Framers crying out are NOT leaving, Marty. We will NOT leave or sit down or be silent. There are PLENTY of socialist countries in the world (and funny how so many of their citizens always want to come here, huh?); and since you seem to prefer socialism, as evidenced by your support of Obama and his socialist programs and policies, here’s an invitation for YOU, Marty: YOU leave. Take your pick of any one of those countries, pack up, go there, live there, and leave this Republic alone! Or stay here, but only if you open your eyes and GROW UP! Meanwhile, as you ponder you decision, here’s a clue for you and all the foolish pups like you so blindly eager to be shackled:

“If ye love wealth better than liberty, the tranquility of servitude better than the animating contest of freedom, go home from us in peace. We ask not your counsels or arms. Crouch down and lick the hands which feed you. May your chains set lightly upon you, and may posterity forget ye were our countrymen.” – Samuel Adams

As for the rest of us - in the finest American tradition (which is contrast to change), we choose perseverance, strength, self-reliance, and liberty. We stand faithfully by and in honor of the Republic and the Constitution.

- Diana


undertaker said...

This post should be part of a lesson plan for every high school student in the US and a requirement for graduation and voting!

Every liberal/progressive in the country needs to sit down, read this, and think about it.

Anonymous said...

The amazing depths and convictions of paranoid schizophrenics...where were you when Bush was eating civil liberties and wiping his ass with the constitution.

Anonymous said...

Bravo Diana,
Ditto! It's refreshing to know and hear from people who understand and care about the destructive course we are on. I sincerely hope it won’t be too late to save ourselves when we get him out, next term. Keep the faith kid.

grannywithapitchfork said...

What is it about a liberal that makes him a pathological liar? Almost universally. Next question: why the fixation on abusive and obscene language?

The post is a masterpiece. Thank you. I'm going to share it with everyone I know, and a few I don't know.

Mad Mom said...

Just want to say that Grannywithapitchfork has got to be one of the best handles I have ever seen. Bravo!

Anonymous said...

I was bored at my job at my university and I stumbled onto this article and it was the best way to spend half an hour. It was gripping, passionate, and exciting. I want to share it with everyone!

Anonymous said...

Seeing is believing...

NathanB said...

I can't even grasp the fact that you'd revolt against your own country because of your own stubbornness. This is how America works. Republicans go extreme when elected as a majority, then; when people have bleed their eyes out in horror and disbelieve; they vote for a extreme democrat, that actually runs the country. Over time, Americans get risky and vote republican again... then democrat and so forth. It's all about BALANCE! Oh, and Obama DID have majority of the vote in the election. Republicans rely on fear to run their campaigns by tricking the uneducated/racists. Common people, we're a better country than that.

grannywithapitchfork said...


It's not about balance (though there is none) or racism (don't you ever get tired of saying that?) It's about corruption! Not Democrat, not Republican, Independent, Libertarian. It's corruption, which has never been more rampant than since the 2008 election.

Diana said...

Thank you grannywithapitchfork. (I, too, love your handle.) I stand by my words, which, apparently, Nathan has troubling comprehending. I’d be amused by his misinterpretation (spin) if it weren’t so sad. I’ll bet folks like Angela McGlowan (black and Republican), and Mario Lopez who spoke at the Sept. 12 March on D.C. would be amused that they’re “uneducated and racist.” I’ll bet the black Democrat woman (a former delegate for BHO when he was a nominee, but now vehemently opposes him) who spoke at the march would also be amused that she’s a racist, too, according to Nathan, as is anyone, apparently, who practices the American tradition and right of free speech and dissent and disagrees with BHO. But keep in mind that Nathan is also a product of a rotten education system that no longer offers much in the way of American history, civics and government studies, logic, critical thinking and the like, but rather does seem to offer creepy little songs lately (“Mmm, mmm, mmm. Barack Hussein Obama. Mmm, mmm, mmm.”). Apparently, it no longer offers much in the way of arithmetic either, as Nathan seems to stubbornly and erroneously believe in the existence of some sort of mandate that has given BHO permission to change the fundamental structure of our democratic republic and constitutionally driven government system. So we’ll round off the numbers to make it easier for Nathan: About 50% of the American electorate participated in this last election. (Difficult to know at this time how many voters – dead or alive – participated legally.) Of that 50%, very, very slightly over half of those went to Obama – so, about 25% of the total electorate, give or take a few percentage points. So that is hardly a mandate, nor is the majority of Americans. Yet Nathan still seems to believe otherwise. In fact, BHO only took the election within one or two percentage points of what GWB had previously done – 51 or 52%. But I’ll bet ya Nathan would HOWL if someone were to suggest to him that was the big sweep then that he’s trying to convince us BHO’s is now. Thus, Nathan and those like him sit with their delusions of how things are and how things work. We can only hope maturity and time (especially time spent in the work force, particularly in the private sector) will show them what REALLY does work. Hopefully, that time won’t arrive too late.