Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Love from ACORN: Free Healthcare AND Free Lunch!

We're having a town hall meeting at Congressman Langevin's office in RI tomorrow and it looks like the ACORN crowd is fully mobilized. One of our infiltrators received this email from them:

Subject: Langevin Town Hall Meeting
Date: 8/7/2009 10:42:56 A.M. Eastern Daylight Time
From: Members.acorn.org
Reply To: Your name@members.acorn.org
To: All members

Dear Members.

As you are aware in our prior email, we need your presence at Congressman James Langevin's Town Hall Meeting at the Warwick police Station 99 Veterans Memorial Drive Warwick, Rhode Island. We are planning on arriving early at 1:30PM to fill the hall before the radical right protestors arrive. A box lunch will be provided for those on the bus. We will meet at headquarters for those wishing to join us on the bus.

Thank you!

The Acorn Team



undertaker said...

This is a typical example of why the liberals wield an inordinate amount of power. Think about this. The liberals only have three organizations, but they are extremely well organized and focused. You have ACORN, Obama 2.0 with 75 million dollars annual budget. And you have Americorps. On the other hand, the conservatives have a gazillion patriot organizations. If the conservatives had a single leader and single focus, they would be a massive force. Whether or not that would be a good idea is subject to question and debate.

RI ACORN said...

An e-mail from Rhode Island Young Republicans that supposedly included an e-mail message from ACORN to our members is entirely a hoax and a fabrication. We have seen this pattern across the country, where right wing and Republican elements are attempting to stoke up their base using these entirely fabricated lies about ACORN. Around the country ACORN is engaged in the fight for quality, affordable health care, and believe it is every American's right and privilege to voice their opinion and attend town hall meetings. But for the record:
a) ACORN has never had a plan to attend Congressman Langevin's Town Hall meeting; and
b) The e-mail that was supposedly from ACORN to our members is a total fabrication.

Mad Mom said...

Hahahaha! That email did not go to the Young Republicans -it came from ACORN directly to one of my friends. We have the original. And we will be there, hoping to get one of your taxpayer paid free boxed lunches!

undertaker said...

If there are free box lunches there, that should be proof enough. Just check out who it is that is giving out the lunches. Case closed.