Thursday, August 6, 2009

What's In Your Wallet?



Anonymous said...


undertaker said...

The issue is so funny I can't stand it!

Today, I would have sworn my cat asked me, "Who is in your wallet?".

Then the little critter skittered off, and I swear I heard him laughing.

I went and got the little S.O.B. and put a picture of President Bozo, an empty food dish, and the bill for "putting his furry little A$$ to sleep", in front of him and he has never been so loving and accommodating as the time I rescued his A$$ from the Interstate Highway after he was blown over by an eighteen Wheeler.

This was a good attitude adjustment period for him. I believe that is the same type attitude adjustment the liberal socialist "non" representatives in Congress need.

So, there. Now I feel much better.

Anonymous said...

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