Tuesday, December 9, 2008

I've Been Thinking

As I watch and read about Congress grilling the CEO's of the Big Three Automakers, some questions keep popping into my mind.

1) The CEO's rightfully took it on the chin for flying to Washington to beg for money in their private corporate jets. They have failing companies, and yet they still flew in those things, which cost $20,000 each for a round trip from Detroit to Washington. The leaders of Congress also have failed miserably in their jobs, and have approval ratings in the toilet. Why doesn't someone grill Nancy Pelosi about her taxpayer funded jumbo jet, which flies her non-stop to California and back every week at an estimated cost of over $5 million per year? Of OUR money? In THIS economy?

2) Barney Frank has also been front and center in the debate about how to spend bailout money. Why doesn't someone ask him about the part he played in the collapse of the economy with his demands to allow non-qualified buyers to buy houses?

3) Chris Dodd is asking for the ouster of failed GM CEO Richard Wagoner as part of the auto bailout deal. Why doesn't somone ask for his ouster for his part in the Fannie and Freddie debacle?

4) Sniveling Senate leader Harry Reid complains about the stinky tourists in Washington. Why doesn't someone ask him to go home where he will not have to put up with the unwashed masses he purports to stand up for?

The outright hypocrisy of our Congressional leaders boggles the mind. They don't even bother to hide it. Do they think that we are really that stupid? Apparently so.


TC43 said...

Mad Mom,

Yes, we are that stupid. We all sit here and natter away and we don't bother to do anything about it; "sir, may I have another". We chat and we discuss and we get angry and yet we don't/can't take the next step. Why is that?

It's because we all have jobs to do...40, 50, 60 hours per week just to make ends meet and to keep out families intact. We are tired at the end of the day. So all we do is simply hope for the best. Why can't our legislators simply hear our thoughts, our private cries for fairness and accountability? They should have ESP. But they don't. They can't...they aren't mind readers.

Remember what happened some time before the election when "we the people" stood up and told the Senate and the House that we don't want "amnesty" on the illegal immigration front? We didn't let our "leaders" ignore us. We spoke up. We called and emailed and demanded that they hear us. We told them that their jobs were on the line. We made a difference, didn't we.

Mad Mom please help us. Please put all of our legislators names (ALL of them), addresses, email addresses and telephone numbers on your site. Help us point our rage where it will be heard. We will be courteous in our comments/demands to them but we need EASY access to them. And we need to know who the key players are in each situation. You can guide us on this, I am sure. Help us out, will you please.

Thank you.

Mad Mom said...

TC43, Thanks for your comments. Great idea about posting the links for our Congressional and Senate leaders' contact information. I will definitely do that. You are right that it takes actions, not whining, to get things done. The one thing we can all do is contact our representatives in Washington and voice our opinions. Just do it!