Thursday, December 4, 2008

Someone to Watch Over Me

Someone at the US Department of Justice seems to really dig my blog. I'm not sure who, but I'm guessing it's the FBI who's been checking in more often than my own mother. While I would like to think that their unfettered loyalty is because of my brilliant commentary, I have a hunch it has to do more with the rather snappy name I chose for the blog. As a firm believer in the right of the government to monitor and wiretap to smoke out potential terrorist activities, I don't find the interest of law enforcement in what I have to write disconcerting. I'm hoping that they are as diligent in locating actual terrorists on the internet, and have the tools and rights necessary to do it.

This brings me to the real point of my concern, which is the nomination of Eric Holder as US Attorney General. Obama sure picked a winner for this post. By now, everyone knows about Holder's role in Clinton's pardon of the biggest tax evader in history, Marc Rich. But Holder also had his hand in pardoning of 16 Puerto Rican terrorists, part of the FALN group, and during his illustrious career represented the sandinistas and many other unsavory characters. Many are greatly concerned that he will make unavailable to law enforcement many of the tools necessary to prevent another 9/11. And good luck to Obama in finding someone to head up the CIA. That person will be a sitting duck for Holder and his mountain of new rules tying the hands of those who seek out terrorists. After 9/11, Holder changed his tune about how to deal with enemy combatants, but in the years since he seems to have gone all soft and fuzzy again. With the recent headlines of the likelihood of a biological attack on US interests by 2013, God help us all if he does not use all the tools available to track down, capture, and interrogate those who would gladly snuff us out. This is no time to play nice.


Anonymous said...

It's nice that we have our government looking after our well-being. We must continue with our due diligence efforts, even extending it. After all, our enemies won't be taking any holidays off, why should we. Keep up the good words.

TC43 said...

Back to "protecting us" Mad Mom. We need both security and economic protection from our government....that's their job. They have failed us miserably on the economic front, somewhat less on the security side. It is criminal what they have caused and it is clear that they are way over their heads about the economy. Americans must understand that WE ALL need to stand up and revolt, like you say.

The left fails to give President Bush any kudos on the security side of things (maybe one of the few things that he has somewhat effectively accomplished in his tenure). They also blame the economic failure on him. Anyone that cares about our country and pays attention realizes what happened to our economy and what were the causes.

We need to be vigilent about potential legislation and decrees that the new administration attempts to enact. Congress has proven that they do not care about the people's wishes....they are much too "protected" from us. It must be we the people that stand up and fight for traditional American values that constitutionally protect us. The foundation of our culture is under attack.

Please continue to stimulate Americans to pay attention and do more to protect their future.

Mad Mom said...

I completely agree TC43- government has failed it's fundamental purpose, which is to protect it's citizens. Without that protection, we lose our basic freedoms. The question is how do we effect change when our elected officals fail to adequately represent us? Perhaps once the new admimistration is in office and the honeymoon ends, new opportunities to voice our opinions will emerge.