Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Let Your Voice Be Heard

One of the comments I received on my last blog post suggested that I list the links to our government leaders on the blog. I thought that was a superb idea, and now you can easily access your US Congressman or Woman and your Senators by clicking on the links to the right. We can complain all we want about how inept, corrupt, or out of touch our leaders may be, but unless we make our opinions known to them, nothing will change. Thus I urge you to contact your government leaders as often as you feel necessary and Let Your Voice Be Heard! Do nothing and you will change nothing.


TC43 said...

Thanks Mad Mom for the links to our legislators. Now we need to get people to use these links effectively. There is no better time to start than right now during the Big 3 bailout hearings/discussions.

A clear message needs to be sent immediately to the Senate and the House concerning this potential catastrophe. We must force them into restructure. If any of them can achieve stability without Chapter 11 then I wish them all the best. I doubt any of them can. Under Chapter 11 the UAW can be dealt with and forced to understand that they are key contributors to the demise of these "giants".
....more to come.

Mad Mom said...

Totally agree. Everyone must take the time (it's easy- just click on the links) to contact their congressmen and senators and make their voices heard. No Bailout for the Big 3- they must restructure just like myriad businesses have done in our capitalist society. Many, such as Delta, have emerged much stronger after going through Chapter 11. No reason the automakers cannot as well, if they have truly viable business models.