Saturday, April 11, 2009

Obama Firsts

1. His first phone call was to Abbas, the terrorist leader of the Palestinian Authority and al Fatah;

2. His first interview was on al-Arabiya News Channel, where he apologized for the United States;

3. His first appointment of an envoy to Syria was George Soros;

4. He bankrolled Hamas out of Whitehouse funds to the tune of $23 million, following Israel's invasion of Gaza to stop the missile strikes;

5. He promised another $900 million to Gaza;

6. He immediately adopted the Saudi Plan as policy for Israel, which favors a contiguous Palestinian state (that is, a geographic area that connects Gaza with the West Bank and includes Jerusalem - necessarily dividing Israel);

7. He dismissed charges against the perpetrators of the bombing of the USS Cole;

8. He announced the shut-down of Gitmo, and apologized to the Islamic world for its existence;

9. He announced that his first summit would be an Islamic summit;

10. He turned a blind eye to Iran's launch of a satellite capable of triangulating coordinates for ICBMs, a capability Iran is furiously trying to develop for the delivery of nuclear weapons;

11. He turned a blind eye to the release of A. Q. Khan, Pakistan's top nuclear scientist, who is believed to be the very person to have delivered nuclear bomb technology to North Korea;

12. He intends to eliminate our anti-ballistic missile defense program;

13. He intends to reduce our nuclear weapons arsenal by 75%;

14. He intends to reduce our military budget by 25% - openly announced on televised news.

15. He has reneged on developing nuclear power; (increasing dependence on foreign energy)

16. He continues to block off-shore or expanded on-shore drilling; (increasing dependence on foreign energy)

17. He continues to try and block the production of coal (45% of our electric generating capability)

18. He referred to America as an "arrogant nation" and apologized while speaking before Iraqi's in Baghdad.

19. He stated that America is not a nation based on Christian values...but a nation of 'ideals' during the G-20 European tour.

20. He verbally committed the US banking industry to adhere to international regulations and oversight.

21. And the piece de resistance - he actually bowed to a Saudi King. In the muslim world that is a gesture of submission and deference. Obama did not do this when he met Queen Elizabeth, he shook her hand. But he BOWS to King Abdullah. King Abdullah DID NOT bow back - 'nuff said.

What else will this traitorous charlatan do to destroy us? Its only been 3 months !!!


undertaker said...

Curious Barry will now turn his attention to amnesty for the trespassers from the south and provide them with a path to citizenship.

Mad Mom said...

And as they sign on the dotted line for citizenship, ACORN will be right there to register them as Democrats. Where is James Bond when you need him to avenge the deeds of real world evil villians?

undertaker said...

Just like the late night commercial, but wait there's still more. Now he has to go to bring all of South America and Cuba under his magic spell. Oh, well... sooner or later he'll get around to getting a path to citizenship for the trespassers from the south, but it will be just in the nick of time for them to vote for him for his second term. And the MSM will forecast that he will get all 13 million of their votes.

Rick said...

On #21 - THANK YOU! Thank you for saying what no one in the media will say. This was all about submission. Sheesh!