Monday, April 27, 2009

Who Are They?

Who Are They? And Where are “They” taking us?

The meteoric rise to the Presidency by Barack Hussein Obama was not the result of one candidate, unilaterally, on his own merit, appealing to an overwhelming majority of Americans.
No, he was bought, paid for, tailored, and groomed as a “package”. He was placed on a pedestal, candy coated, air-brushed and given scripts in the form of teleprompters. It did not matter that he had no true “roots” in traditional values and ideals of America. It did not matter that he had no experience in national defense, economics or foreign affairs. It did not matter that all his past associates were of dubious character, or that he himself was a product of the Chicago political “pay to play” machinery. It did not matter that he was a member of the socialist party of Illinois. It did not matter that he hid all of his birth, educational, and medical records from view, a process that began long before he announced his candidacy. It did not matter that the mainstream media refused to question any of these issues. It did not matter that he said he would cut the Department of Defense budget and eliminate missile defense programs in the face of a reawakening of the Russian bear. It did not matter that he said he wanted an internal security force as strong as the US military establishment. It did not matter that he told America he was going to redistribute wealth and give part of the wealth to those who would not, or could not work to achieve financial success. It did not matter that he began getting some $35 million in contributions from Wall Street and big finance in 1998, well before he even announced a candidacy for a national office. It did not matter that he sat in a church and listened to vitriolic diatribes about black liberation theology for twenty years. No it did not matter because he was elected.

Today, it does not matter that the national debt may go to $20 Trillion in the next decade. It does not matter that the new administration is doing everything it can to attack and dilute the freedoms guaranteed by the Constitution. It does not matter that universal health care will be foisted on the citizenry with the attendant delays in treatment for patients. It does not matter that the administration has abandoned Israel. It does not matter that the current resident of the White House has apologized to the entire world for the past “sins” of the United States. It does not matter that doctors and nurses who object to certain procedures on religious and moral grounds will be forced to perform those procedures or be guilty of breaking the law. It does not matter that he wants to start sex education at the age of five. It does not matter that the Department of Homeland Security has labeled anti-abortionists and military veterans as potential radical right-wing terrorists. It does not matter that the radical Islamic world has been told we are not at war with them. None of this matters because sixty percent of Americans, according to the “polls” still think he is doing a “good job”.

What does matter are the answers to two questions. Who are “they” who sold him to the United States? And, where are “they” taking the Republic? These two questions will only be answered if we remain awake and keep them on the plate in front of us. If we take our eyes off that plate, because the mainstream media diverts our attention to the “issue” or “crisis of the day”, we will arrive at an unknown destination and the Republic and Constitution will be things of the past. In addition to paying attention, we must take on a mode of critical thinking that is diametrically opposed to the way a patriotic American would normally think. That is, we must change roles and become one of “them”. Much has been written about the similarities between the rise of Hitler and the rise of Barack. But, what of the differences? They are very significant and worthy of consideration.

Hitler had to motivate the German people by calling for new unity and telling them they could be “one people”, a powerful country again, with a powerful military. He wanted a unified effort based on pride in their Teutonic heritage. Now, this is precisely the opposite of what Barack has done and continues to do. He wants to splinter and divide the United States militarily, religiously, morally and spiritually. He wants nothing of patriotism, a strong military or a surge in national pride. He wants nothing of the strength of a middle class or small business which is the economic power of the country. During his entire campaign, he never alluded to these qualities, characteristics or goals. Why not? It is as if he is dividing and weakening the country and preparing it for some sort of yard sale or takeover. The Republic is being tenderized, marinated and prepared for cooking. The Constitution is being bent, folded, stapled and mutilated. Why? And, for whom?


True Patriot said...

Very well put madmom.. very, very good....very proud of you. Can I please copy and paste to email so that I can send this out to some of my family? Really, this was very good!

Your Friend
True Patriot

Mad Mom said...

Thanks, True Patriot. I can't take credit for the writing as someone sent it to me anonymously, but it echoes the sentiment many of us feel and it is critical to get this information out to everybody. Please feel free to copy and encourage others to do the same.

Anonymous said...

I want to know who the real President of the United States is. I have said from the beginning that someone or some group was behind the campaign and the election of Barack Obama and that someone is telling him what to say and when to say it. It absolutely scares me to death, what is happening to my COUNTRY. There is no way this man at this time should have been elected based on his experience, his name recognization and base.

Stop the presses/ Patrick said...

The mainstream media wouldn’t do it. So we are trying to get your important messages to the American people. 18 This post is a suggested read at,

esomhillgazette said...

Great Post MadMom! Whoever sent you that has some great observations!

True Patriot said...

The Sad part is that by time we are able to expose the real truth, we will have much greater questions to answer and that is exaclty what they want. Ie. How far will we go to get our freedom back, because when this comes around they will already have taken all of it.