Monday, April 27, 2009

Shut Up America!

Looks like the First Amendment may be set to take another blow by the new administration. First, peaceful activists were marginalized as right wing extremists. Now the radio airwaves are under threat. I told you last fall, but you didn't listen. In Obama's world, Dissent will NOT be tolerated!

Nation's talkers meet on 'imminent threat'
Top hosts hold unprecedented summit to stop efforts at government control
Posted: April 26, 2009
11:09 pm Eastern

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WASHINGTON – Putting aside their own competitive interests, representatives of more than two dozen of the nation's top talk shows held an unprecedented private meeting over the weekend to brainstorm strategies against what they agreed are government plans by to squelch critical political speech on radio.

Organized by Brad O'Leary, author of the new book, "Shut Up, America! The End of Free Speech," and Joseph Farah, editor and chief executive officer of WND, the group chose one attendee to be spokesman and chairman of the coalition – syndicated host Roger Hedgecock of San Diego.

A daylong discussion today focused on what was described as the "imminent threat" of so-called "localism" requirements that will subject radio programming to the review by panels of community activists who will evaluate station content. These panels will be empowered to make recommendations for programming changes and challenge at the Federal Communications Commission the licenses renewals of stations that don't heed their advice.

Last month, Sen. Dick Durbin, D-Ill., submitted an amendment to the D.C. Voting Bill which would require the FCC to "encourage and promote diversity in ... media ownership" and reaffirm FCC authority to mandate the presentation "of opposing points of view on issues of public importance."

Also of concern to the hosts and producers gathered in the nation's capital was a decision last week by Clear Channel, the nation's largest owner of radio stations, to mandate the creation of local advisory boards by June at all of its properties. The move was seen as pre-emptive as the industry anticipates an FCC stacked with Barack Obama appointees will soon require stations to answer to panels of community activists.

It's time to put up or shut up, America. Literally. Get the book that shows how to fight the assault on your freedom of speech!

In February, the FCC floated several proposals to require stations to better serve local communities, including establishing community advisory boards to consult stations on programming.

"We are materially increasing our commitment to community programming, increasing our accountability and broadening our public-service contributions in every local market we serve," said John Hogan, president and chief executive officer of Clear Channel. "We believe when radio focuses on servicing local communities, it is radio at its finest."

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undertaker said...

My idea of implementing the fairness doctrine would be for the current resident of the White House to present his side of this argument, backing it up with the evidence. My argument is that he is not eligible to occupy the White House because he was not born in the United States, that his college records would show that he received financial aid as a foreign exchange student or Fulbright Scholar and that his medical records would show he has mental problems. Okay, under the Fairness Doctrine, lets see the evidence. I presented my side of the argument, let's hear from the White House, or is there a slight problem that would require spending a million dollars for lawyers to hide all those records?

Mad Mom said...

Indeed, UT. I like Missouri's motto, "SHOW ME." Now.