Thursday, April 16, 2009

Tea Party Rocks Rhode Island

Stimulated to protest
Yesterday was an historic day in Rhode Island and across America. People from all walks of life came out with enthusiasm to tell their elected leaders that they have had ENOUGH! I am overwhelmed by the response. We will not stop. This is the beginning of something big!

08:51 AM EDT on Thursday, April 16, 2009
By Philip Marcelo

Journal Staff Writer
Protestors with signs and flags turn out to the State House Wednesday afternoon to protest taxes and what they see as excessive government spending at the state and federal levels. Similar rallies were held nationwide.
The Providence Journal / Bob Breidenbach

PROVIDENCE — At least 2,000 people rallied Wednesday in front of the State House to protest the unprecedented level of federal spending to help overcome the recession.

For those who took off work to come downtown on a sunny but windy afternoon, it was a way of saying that the country is moving in the wrong direction. That government is growing too big, too fast. That too much is being spent that will have to be borne by future generations.

“It’s unconscionable to have to send this bill to our grandchildren,” said Marcia Camp, a retired librarian from Scituate who held up a sign saying “Save Trees, Stop Printing $$.”

See the full article with video and photos here.


Anonymous said...

Did you see the numbers that turned out in Texas? 5000 in Austin, 15000 in Houston, 16000 in San Antonio (the home of the Alamo). GO TEXAS!

We had around 300 in the little town of Priest River, ID. Then we went to Spokane, WA for their tea party. Spokane attracted around 5000.

I told my kids: Someday you'll be telling your kids and grandkids that you were at the tea parties.

Mad Mom said...

Yes indeed Michelle! History was made yesterday!

John said...

Mad Mom,
I get goose bumps when I think about ALL of the people around America that stood up and expressed their heartfelt opinions on the state of our government.
To those patriots who organized these events and to those hard-working people who came to tell the White House and Congress that we are truly fed up, I salute you.

kristie said...

TULSA, OK -- Thousands of people turned out for tax protest rallies in Tulsa on Wednesday.

The local rallies mirrored a national movement tied to the tax filing deadline.

They are called TEA parties, meaning "taxed enough already." At Veterans Park and at the earlier protests, it was a crowd that was upset but civil, and impatient but patriotic.

Even with two rallies happening at the same time, crowds well over 1,000 people gathered at each.

At LaFortune Park, people were angry over the spending in Washington, considering it an attack on their freedom.

"Just to say no ...stupidity in government," Tulsan Ed Lenfestey said.

Radio station KRMG encouraged the rally of people in a political movement galvanized by the election of President Obama and a Democratic congress.

"I blame him and Congress ... for America," Tulsan Jean Jones said.

Many people said it was all the bailouts that had angered them into action.

Shane Rutledge says he's never been political before, but now he's for the fair tax.

"'Cause it's fair ... makes it simpler," he said.

Many revolutionary notions were represented, but the overwhelming sentiment was that politicians in Washington are not listening to the people.

After a big day of protests, the people plan to continue taking action, contacting their representatives to try to have more influence over what's happening with their tax money.

Tulsa was one of 500 cities that hosted tea parties to protest government spending. Other tea party protests took place Wednesday in Bartlesville, Miami and McAlester.

Proud Soldiers Mom said...

I feel so bad that I couldn't attend this one, but I will surely be attending the rest to come. I'm so proud of the Americans that were able to attend, and I salute each and every one of you!

undertaker said...

MadMom, congratulations on the great job YOU did in organizing the Providence Tea Party! If you aren't going to toot your own horn, I will.
You had a terrific turnout from a smaller population base than a lot of other cities! Fantastic.
At Fayetteville, NC, I saw a sign that said it all. "You Can't Fix Stupid!"

Nanzola said...

MadMom - I want to add my congratulations about a job very well done. From the organization to all the media outreach - you did a fabulous job. Thank you.

Mad Mom said...

Thank you all!

And Nanzola, you are a rock star! Couldn't have done it without you!

Anonymous said...

I am proud to say that I attended the Providence RI Tea Party. What a beautiful sight it was to see the American flag waving brilliantly in the wind and to watch thousands of citizens standing up, protesting peacefully against the out of control spending by our government. Many thanks to Mad Mom and to all of those who assisted her in making this a day I will never forget.

G.A.Rowe said...

Mad Mom and all who frequent here;

Reach around and give yourselves a big pat on the back from this retired old Marine!

I just posted photos of the Lake Havasu City tea party on my blog, with my own observations of what I saw.

I will admit, for my wife and I this was the very first protest that we have been participants in(I have had crowd control many times in my career), and this was the nicest and most considerate bunch of protesters I have ever seen!

You are one intelligent lady, mad mom, and if you ever run for any office that I can vote for - YOU HAVE MY VOTE!

Kathy said...

What a great turnout MadMom! Here in Wisconsin we had over 5000 with some estimates as high as 8000. It was awesome!

Being a newbie at this activism stuff, I didn't know what to expect (we've all seen the screaming ACORN-ites, the lay down in the road Cindy Sheehan-ites and the destroy property-ites on TV) but this was none of the above! We were loud, we were mad as hell, we were respectful and we cleaned up after ourselves!

I heard a policeman talking on his walkie-talkie thing say, "I've never seen a protest like this" (as people are walking by and thanking him for being there).

It was truly a proud moment BUT, now our work really starts!

ET said...

Kathy, Your description of the WI Tax Day Tea Party was pretty much the same as the Providence RI Tea Party of which I was proud to be a part of. Our attendees were well mannered, respectful, concerned citizens. Gee, it makes me wonder. could this possibly be? It seems to me that this is the furthest thing away from the label that we have been given..........right wing radicals????

Great job Mad Mom.

Rick said...

The Cleveland, OH tea party went very well, too. The initial protest in February had sixty attendees. The Tax Day party had over 5,000. It was great to see so many like-minded people there.

What the media still doesn't understand is that this is all about accountability in government. It knows no party.

lance said...

If someone wants to start a new party with fiscal responsibility, one that can balance the budget every year, pay off the interest on the debt, and begin to pay down the principle I would be more than happy to join in and recruit as many people as I can.