Monday, April 20, 2009

Situational Awareness

From the lack of support of this administration for Israel, to the release of secret CIA "torture" documents (of which most techniques we encountered as kids), to the appeasement of despots throughout the world, the Obama administration puts us all at great peril. Think about the difference between the mental states, or situational awareness if you will, of the United States citizenry and that of the Israelis.

Here in the US, the vast majority of the citizens know absolutely nothing of the several major threats to our survival. For the most part, the guy, gal, or "other", on the street is so focused on the economic "tree" that he does not see the global economic "forest". It is like a complete idiot facing one huge domino while he wonders what that crashing sound is off in the distance that keeps getting louder. He has a warm fuzzy feeling because he thinks he is being well served by the new resident of the White House. And that graphic picture holds true for, not just the economic frailty, but the country's susceptibility to a Mexican debacle, or a Muslim terrorist attack. Few people have bothered to think through the scenarios far enough to see what an
Israeli attack on Iran could do within hours, or a day or two, here. And as to the rape of the Constitution, and the socialization of the country by big government takeovers and expanded meddling, the citizens are mental paraplegics molded by an educational system designed to make them fat, dumb and happy in their stupidity.

Psychologically, like a group of sheep being fattened on green grass, we have taken totally for granted, the availability of food, water, electricity, gas and entertainment from the "idiot box". For the most part, few remember, with any clarity, the initial chaos of 9/11, the attack on the Pentagon and the uncertainty as to who the attackers really were. Now, we have people in power who will use a similar crisis to their advantage very quickly. Whether it be by emergency powers, martial law, or confiscation of firearms, they are willing to make the crisis work toward the fulfillment of their satanic agenda. Yes, the
children will run in a panic to "daddy" for protection, not even seeing the ax he holds behind his back.

On the other hand, you have every Israeli citizen ready, at a moment's notice, to do their part in a well-rehearsed and clearly prepared plan for survival. What a difference it makes when your very existence is at stake.

This country badly needs an attitude adjustment. Unfortunately, those who should be reporting on the possible consequences of these several scenarios, are still dancing with the prom king, who was elected by an ignorant student body who thought it would be cool to have someone a "little different" as Prom King; someone who could smooth talk the skin off a rattlesnake, and make pork taste like Kentucky Fried Chicken all in the name of hope and change.

There seem to be a few informal contests in progress. The contests appear to be geared to select the winners of the spending contest in Congress, the lying contest in the MSM arena, and the freedom trampling contest in the Cabinet. Of course, in all these contests, extra points are being awarded for accomplishing these outrageous feats while wearing a straight face.

And, as the MSM surreptitiously changes the scenery between acts, the audience doesn't even notice the doors being locked and the shadowy figures quietly pouring gasoline at the exits.

This post was written in conjunction with a retired LT Col in the USAF.


Kathy said...

Great article; please submit to as many newspapers, blogs, etc. as you can.

G.A.Rowe said...

You did a good one this time, mad mom, you did a good one.

Goes along with my assessment of "Are They Drunk, On Drugs, Or Just Plain Stupid?"

Undertaker voted for "all of the above"

I think they are just plain stupid.

Time to get that wake up call rolling!

Mad Mom said...

UT's the mastermind behind the article. He is the strategic specialist who can see things coming from miles away.

Ron Russell said...

Found you quite by accident on twitter. Now following by name of russellshih. You are right, Obama is consolidating power. He has now turned the DHS and EPA into political organs for what is fast becoming a socialist revolution. I pressed for time this evening, but will visit your site again later. Come see me at Totus or at

Kathy said...

This is totally off topic but just saw this headline and wanted to give MadMom a big high five. It's working in RI!