Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Been There Done That And It DOESN'T WORK!

Listen to Daniel Hannan give it to the Prime Minister of the UK for his out-of-control spending. The same out of control spending that Obama is planning, which will bankrupt our country! Wake up America. Countries all around the globe are saying that Obama's plans will destroy our economy, and as a consequence, the world's economy along with it. Stop the madness!!!


Kathy said...

Watched this earlier today on another post - isn't it great? I would love to have a member of Congress step up to the plate and give this identical speech! BO takes a little bit tough question during his press conference last night and is angry the rest of the time. He's never been publicly challenged and I would love to see this happen.

Mad Mom said...

You said it!! O gets awfully snippy when challenged, doesn't he?

ET said...

Daniel Hannon says it all.......good for him. I believe that he is only 37 years old. Hopefully, some of the old boys and gals can learn a lesson from this young man and do what is right for our country.

ET said...

Maybe Daniel Hannan should relocate to the United States and run for the Presidency in 2012........from what I have seen of late, being a natural born citizen is no longer a requirement.

undertaker said...

He knows what the President is doing to the US economy, and so do the Chinese. That is why the Chinese are calling for an alternative to the US dollar.

The economy is on life support, receiving massive transfusions of printed money, and those who would like to resuscitate it happen to be brain-dead themselves.

It will not take much for someone to trip on the life support machinery and pull the plug. The result will be either hyper inflation or a full blown meltdown to depression.

Other than that, things are going well for the President.