Saturday, March 14, 2009

The Dirty Dozen

In reviewing Barack Obama's background, cronies and his "job" history, it is becoming much more clear as to the nature of his psychological makeup and mindset. Just a few (the dirty dozen) of the germane facts, neatly lined up, will show how his perceptions have been formed, the results thus far (as attested to by his actions), and the perilous path he is following.

1. He was repeatedly "thrown away" by his two fathers, his mother and even his grandparents when they sent him off to school.
2. He has never had a hard job that required him to "punch" the clock,make decisions, be evaluated or manage a staff of people.
3. He has never had to budget his "own hard earned" money.
4. He, as a youth, was in turmoil as to his self image, be it black or white.
5. He did not work to pay for his education. It was handed to him.
6. He did not have a student loan to repay after he graduated.
7. He was "sponsored" into Harvard by Khalid al Mansour, a Muslim with strong ties to the Saudis and OPEC.
8. He was able to lie about his religious background, denying he was ever a Muslim.
9. He was put into the jobs he had by sponsorship of his cronies, and never "competed" for any position.
10. During his work as a community organizer, he was exposed to the plight of the poorer blacks in Chicago.
11. He identified with socialist causes and became a member of the socialist party in Illinois.
12. He aligned himself with Alinsky's philosophy and was given jobs doling out other peoples' money (Woods Fund and Joyce Foundation etc.,).
He has never, to my knowledge, been a principal in a significant legal case where he had to think and speak on his feet and go toe to toe with another lawyer in court. Is this why he has to have a teleprompter? Can he think on his feet?

This man, Barack Obama, has never been held accountable by anyone. He cannot be held accountable for his place of birth because that secret is locked away. If it was not a secret, lawyers would not be getting big dollars to fight the issue. He cannot be held accountable for his college performance because it is locked away. He cannot be held accountable for his medical background because it too is hidden away. Is it a wonder, after you quickly read through that "dirty dozen list" that; he has no appreciation for people who work hard, no understanding of debt or budgeting, has escaped all accountability, skated through the senate by voting "present", and is arrogant? No, it is no wonder.

In Chicago, he recognized the power of organizing the minorities of the south side of Chicago. It was his association with Acorn and his community organizing that he recognized as a base of power via the vote. By applying that principle to his campaign, he was able to capitalize on his color and his promises to the Hispanics (a way to citizenship) as well as the blacks. He told the truth when he said he was for redistribution of wealth. He has absolutely no appreciation for the thousands of small businesses that are the financial and economic backbone of the United States. He has certainly accomplished that redistribution of wealth, to include the unearned wealth of two more generations of Americans.

In less than 100 days, he has destroyed the economic strength of this country to the extent that the Chinese are questioning whether to invest any more in the United States. While doing all this, he has continued to campaign. He has surrounded himself with socialists, liars, tax cheats, pro union, and anti-gun politicians who, like him, could care less about the small businessman, the recently unemployed, or the survival of the country, so long as they all get to feed at the pig trough. He has sent a cold irrefutable message to Israel that they are on their own. He attributes miraculous power to "dialog" with people whose careers and positions were built on lies and broken promises. Quite a change, I would say.

I fear that "something big" is just around the corner. The Chinese are exceptionally astute at pounding personalities into the ground. The Russians see Obama as a fool and, together with Chavez, and good old Cuba (regardless of who is in charge there) might make him and his teleprompter quiver in fear. The Israelis now view him as a traitor. The middle class in the US rightfully view him as a thief, who with one
felled swoop put their children in deep debt. The British now view him as an arrogant buffoon. Even the North Koreans are developing more testosterone. All the while, the uneducated and ill-informed in the US think he is doing a good job. A good job at what?! Is he doing a good job at watching the new alliance forming among Iran, Turkey, Iraq and Syria?

I see a strategic scenario that might be the worst of all scenarios. That would be Russia with bombers in the Southern Hemisphere when Israel attacks Iran. Think about that 800 pound gorilla in our back yard. Does he even have the ability to think that far into the game? Just pray that he listens to the DOD and the Intelligence community.

This post was written after dialogue with another blogger.


Anonymous said...

You might be right you might be wrong, the point is after 8 years of Bush not only China but even Bolivia will get cocky. On the other hand, you seem to ignore the damage that the unconditional support of Israel has caused to the true American people. USA viewed from the outside, a perspective that you obviously ignore, is just as the puppet of Israel and the local Jewish lobby. More than one head of state, which I will not mention since it would sound to you as Schopenhauer, say that the Jews held at ransom the world by proxy.

Stop the presses/ Patrick said...

Obama has been influenced by the most radical leftist in this country. Mix in an absent father and mother and you get calamity.

undertaker said...

I really don't think the focus of the article is 'Israel' as much it is the background and makeup of the President. His actions do cause concern about his true intent. After borrowing and budgeting a horrendous amount of future earnings and tax dollard, he now says he is going to help small business. Since small business accounts for 70 percent of the employed in the country, perhaps that should have been the focus of help in the first place. It appears he says one thing and then does another.

Mad Mom said...

Agree UT. This is not about Israel, or the Bush administration. It is about the egregious degree of deception that the American public has swallowed regarding Obama and the unparalled peril at which our new POTUS is placing this country in at this juncture. Now. Focus on what's going on now, Anon, and it is evident that the clear and present danger comes from the enemy within.