Monday, March 2, 2009

Give the People Alternatives to Embrace

Why do so many Americans still cling to Obama and the Democrats' unprecedented plans to fundamentally transform the country? Sure, things are looking pretty dire right now, and people are afraid, hunkered down, and waiting for SOMEONE! ANYONE! to save them. Obama's ability to speak to the masses, regardless of the lack of symmetry between what he says and what he does, gives the people a life raft to cling to in a raging storm on the high seas. When the Republicans unanimously say no to this vision, in the peoples' eyes, they are saying no to the idea that the life raft will save them. Without another option for survival, the people will cling to that life raft, no matter that it is made of straw.

The real challenge for Republicans at this point is to show the people an alternative. Show them, in a clear and concise manner, that Obama's life raft is nothing but a bale of straw which will eventually take them to the bottom of the ocean. Show them, in a clear and concise fashion, how THEIR life raft is the real and proven route to survival for themselves and their children. Words cannot be minced. Make no mistake about it; we are at a point at which our country may very well be transformed into something which the people did not want, but opted for, out of pure fear. The Republicans need to articulate more clearly the message that there is a clear path out of the storm, and show them the way.

This opinion piece by Congressmen Paul Ryan (R-WI) in the WSJ lays out a clear blueprint for recovery.


Anonymous said...

Clearly, Obama views himself as the 2nd Great Emancipator .
The 1st one freed the slaves.
This one is attempting to rid America of Capitalism.
Please pay attention.
Your country is being stolen right from under your eyes.
What you worked for has already been stolen from you and he is focused on stealing everything from your children…....his agenda is not disguised folks…don’t allow it.
Revolt NOW!

Mad Mom said...

Well said, Anon!

Kathy said...

As I share more information with a wider group of people, I find people "still can't believe this could be happening" and I wonder if perhaps some "honest congress" (I know, an oxymoron) members might be feeling the same way and are unsure of what, and how to respond. The speed that things are going down is unbelievable and with minimal press willing to speak out, educating people is the challenge. Thanks for your hard work - I send many people to your site to help with this process.

Mad Mom said...

Thanks, Kathy. I believe it is going to take a massive education effort as people are simply not getting the infomation from the mainstream media. When I check in on the New York Times, I can't believe I am reading about the same issues, as the information is grotesquely distorted. They don't even allow me to post comments any longer! I've been blackballed by the NYT. Boo hoo.

Mark Baird said...

Yes, the sky is falling. I remember when "W" was going to bring us a theocracy. I remember the "red scare" of the fifties. Why is it that we need so much drama in our lives. Let us not forget the Jews of Germany destroying that great conservative Christian nation. Or the Protestants of England that the Catholics prosecuted. Or the Protestants and Catholics of Ireland. Yes, this arrogant certainty is something we can not rid ourselves of.

Mad Mom said...

Yes Mark. And I remember the Spanish Inquisition. And Hitler. And Stalin. And the Killing Fields. And Bosnia. And Darfur. And 9/11.

But golly, it's just drama, ad nothing EVER bad happens, because there are no people with malevolent intentions in this world. Have a nice day!