Monday, March 30, 2009

Questions to Ponder

Why would some twenty eight states feel it necessary to enact legislation to protect their sovereignty today?

Why are so many people purchasing ammunition and weapons at a rate never seen before in this country?

Why does the White House think it necessary to have an Internal Security Force as large, as well equipped, as the entire US Military? What is the requirement for that?

Why, if the second stated purpose of the Stimulus Bill was to provide relief to "those recently unemployed", has nothing been done to get people back to work quickly?

Why have many states considered not accepting the government money from the Stimulus Bill?

If the Republicans are correct, and the national debt is going to increase to $20 Trillion as a result of the Stimulus Bill and the Government Bailouts of Wall Street, Banks, AIG, and Detroit, are you aware that every man, woman, and child in the United States, all 300 million people, will each owe $66,666.66?

Do you like the idea of paying your mortgage and someone else's mortgage? Do you like the idea of paying for your health care, and someone else's health care, and in return receiving lower quality and rationing of that care?

Do you like the idea of the government telling your doctor what he can prescribe for you?

Why has legislation been filed to repeal the 22nd Amendment, which limits a President to two terms in office?


Stop the presses/ Patrick said...

This post is a suggested read at,

Kathy said...

I had not heard of your last comment......I need to get a source to keep track of these bills, amendments, etc. Where do you get updated MadMom?

(Looking for a site that is in commonspeak......)

Thanks for all your efforts!

Mad Mom said...

Here's the link:

Hopefully people will wake up long before this becomes a real issue.

Anonymous said...

Repeal of 22nd Amendment
H.J. Res 5 by Jose Serrano of NY - dated 01/06/09.|/bss/|

Is anyone truly surprised?

undertaker said...

Am I supposed to be astounded that Jose Serrano would make Obama King for Life in return for a path to citizenship for illegal aliens? Oh, yeah, I'm sorry, Let me adjust my attitude. Hurray! NOT!

Scott Atlan said...

How about we limit Obama to just over two months instead of two terms. Thats more than enough for me!

Mad Mom said...

Two month sounds good to me Scott!

Michael Stallings said...

America voted for change. That is just what we are getting. And now change is actually what is needed.

undertaker said...

America did vote for "Hope and Change". Little did they know they would get "rope and chains".

Every once in a while, since our local hospital, the only one in town, is only five minutes from my house, I'll go over on a Friday or Saturday night around ten PM and just take a peek in the ER. About a month ago I started keeping notes.
The average number of patients in the waiting room is about twelve. Of those, the averages are as follows: 8 Hispanic, three African American and one caucasion. Of course the numbers are not a scientific sample, but you get the picture. Obama would be proud.

Of course, we taxpayers are paying for this care indirectly. Can't wait for that Canadian Socialized Medicine to be in place.