Thursday, March 19, 2009

Behind the Scenes at AIG and More...

Although we are all hearing how bonuses are being handed out like candy during Halloween we really need to look at where this money all came from anyway. You will not get this information if you are watching ABC,NBC, or CBS.
AIG was given 165Billion dollars (courtesy of the US Taxpayer). AIG gave 13B to Goldman Sachs, 5B Bank of America, 7B to Merrill Lynch, Foreign banks in the UK 13B, Germany 17B, Swiss 5B and France 19B. Basically this is a money laundering scheme led by the US Government. They are distracting us with this bonus issue, which is only 1% of all the money. 62B dollars went over seas, 44B went to US banks. While these bonuses were known to be there a year ago through contracts. Chris Dodd actually put into the stimulus bill that we protect these bonuses. Now he is on TV telling you how outragous it is that they are getting them. Well Dodd is the hightest reciptient of campain donations from AIG! He must think we are stupid and the main stream media is leading the way because they don't do their job being the watchdog for the American people. Instead you have to get these stupid emails from me so that you are all aware what is really going on.

We can all sit here and be so angry with people getting bonuses. Unfortunatley these were in CONTRACTS. Geithner knew about these last year. We cannot allow the Gov. to get interfere with these contracts. As angry as we are and as unfair as it is, to allow our Gov. to interfere with these is going against the Constitution. The Constitution states that no Gov. Fed. state or local to inject itself into a binding contract. The Founding Fathers put this in to prevent socialism. To protect US against the government.

Lets all remember too. Not to hate the rich. Remember that when someone has money what do they do with it? They eat out, they buy planes, they have those planes fixed. They buy cars, they travel. All of these actions trickle down to us. Socialism tries to make everyone even but at the lowest level.

China is questioning whether to continue to our debt. What happens here is that China makes products at the lowest rate in their country, people make almost nothing in those factories. They ship it here and we buy it. The money is then sent back to China and they buy our Treasury Bonds(our debt). We started this about 30 yrs ago, hoping that China would become more like us. Unfortunately it is becoming the other way around. Government intrusion in our lives is greater than ever. With Obama's new budget it is going to get even worse. Did you know that the new Climate Czar Browner actually wants to controll what temperature we have our houses? This smart Grid they are pushing will do just that. What they are going to do is charge a certain price for you to burn so many kw at say 72 degress. As you raise your temp. the price will go up significantly. Scary stuff! She was a member of the Socialist International Party. You know just saying maybe she is not qualified to be in the AMERICAN Government!

One more thing, there are so many, but when you see a report about Mexico getting our evil guns? Don't believe it. What really happened is during the 90's we sold the Mexican Governemtn/Army guns to help them. Through corruption they have now landed into the hands of these drug cartels. When you see pictures of guns on TV and they are talking about a specific gun. My father said he has yet to see a report where the gun they are talking about is even on the screen! Thought that was funny. You all know my Father knows the difference between a 50Cal. machine gun and the average rifle used to shoot Bambi!

I am going to be learning to shoot this summer, if anyone wants to join me, let me know. I already have a few friends ready to go.

In matters of style swim with the current. In matters of principles stand like a rock!--Thomas Jefferson.

The nine principles, the foundation of this country, are not being followed by people on the right and the left. I told you I would give you names of people who are standing with me on these principles. I am keeping a list and as their re-elections come up I will let you know so you can support them. We need to get the weasels out of Washington. is a great site where you can send an email to your congressman, any congressman and ask them to stop spending and stop lying. I encourage you to take a moment to fight for your freedom. You don't have to go crazy like I do but a simple email does go a long way.

Thank you and God Bless!

This post was written by guest contributor Donna Hawkins Walsh.


John said...

Good post Mad Mom & Donna.
Lots of info and great thoughts.
But what I must take out of this post is “get the weasels out of Washington”. To me this is the most important thing that we can do. But how?
Let me give you a for instance. I email, call and write to my legislators all the time (in my case it’s Senators Kennedy & Kerry). I know, I know …prayers will help.
Well, I get letters back from them and these letters thank me for my interest and then spew their CRAP about what they are doing (and have done) and why, which is EXACTLY what I specifically told them that I didn’t want them to do. Get the point….they don’t listen and they especially don’t care.
Our emails, our calls, our letters, our blogs are simply chaff to them. Yes, they help a little, I’m sure but we need to be totally organized, with daily activities, assignments, objectives and measurements from our masses, each SPECIFICALLY contributing to a focused overall goal of “getting the weasels out of Washington”.
I am looking for just that group to rise up immediately and give me that good feeling that I can get totally behind them. I haven’t found that group yet. Have you?

Anonymous said...

John, the same thing happens to me when I email or call my state legislators. They will send me a letter thanking me as well, but continue to do the opposite of what I have requested. Does this only happen in Massachusetts? Sometimes I feel helpless.

Kathy said...

John and Anon, you are not alone. Here is WI my all DEM representation does the same thing (wow, Kerry and Kennedy, my sympathies - I alway thought CA people had it the worst- forgot about MA). One time, the form letter even forgot to drop in the dates (I think it was stimulus vote related). It still had XXXX. Pathetic! But I guess, if they don't read what they sign off on, we certainly can't expect them to respond to us peon citizens, right?

Kathy said...

Now onto Donna's post.....

You are so right and the more we focus on these "outrageous" bonuses, the more we are letting them do what their original intent was make more laws on executive compensation, to tax retroactively (what?) and be the ones to fix it all. We are playing into their hands perfectly. We've seen how easily they can slip things in and out of these bills and no one knows or cares. I think some of this money is tied to that fateful day last September when there was a major electronic withdrawal of funds and there is a much bigger force at work here. I need to go back and review - there's a video of some Senator (sorry, can't remember) spilling the beans on why this was such an emergency. Speculation was Soros and the Saudi's...I'll try to find the info.

Kathy said...

Thank you Atlas Shrugs!

Anonymous said...

There is one thing we could possibly do.

We could work with the state governments (yes, I know they're corrupt too) to limit federal power, because that's really the problem, by passing a Constitutional Amendment, which bypasses Washington completely. Some sort of economic bill of rights including spending limits for the Federal Government and taxation limits as well.

Mad Mom said...

John, There are groups out there that are doing what you ask; I think it's a matter of coordinating their efforts. There is The Patriotic Resistance, the Nationwide Tea Party groups, and lots more local ones. Everyone is up in arms, but their efforts are fractured, so the key thing is to link them and have a unified message. I think a lot of change will come from the local level, and getting involved from that angle. Let's face it, our federal and state leaders are not stepping up to the plate in most cases. It's up to us. We need to field a better team for 2010, although I understand your frustration that that seems a LONG way off when this administration is bent on destroying the country in 100 days.

USWeapon said...

Great post Donna and thanks MadMom for hosting it. The fact that China is having the thoughts that they are is troubling. I don't think people realize what a precarious position they could put us in.

FOWGdidianes said...


Off topic:

I just found your site and see a person of a mindset similiar to mine. You have the gumption to a least speak out on important topics. I look and I listen and am getting tired of no action, I want to DO someting.

It is my belief that a root of our problems lies with legislatures of most tastes and the federal government. (Not to mention the fools who continually vote for them.) These people recognize no bounds to their power. The Constitution, tradition, common law or ethics mean nothing to them. (If it feels good to them, they do it.)

The only way to stop them is to starve them out.

If we can organize an entity to present the folks on Smith Hill a manifesto outlining our demands and wishes and give them a short period to meet them and they do, O.K.

If they do not see the light, then we go into action. That action is inspired by the great philosopher Homey D. Clown, "we don't play dat game". What I propose is that the law abiding, taxpaying, productive citizens of the state refuse to pay anything in the way of taxes,fines or fees period. No more, no way, just stop it. I propose we blow through toll booths, refuse to pay traffic fines, real estate taxes, car taxes, (keep the money in escrow) license and regisration fees, pay nothing that feeds the government monster. The money only goes to increase their power and drive us closer to servitude. DON'T PLAY DAT GAME!!!

What would happen if we did not pay traffic fines. A big ugly man would come and demand we go pay or go to court, so we go to court and still refuse to pay, maybe we go to jail for a while, so what? (less incme tax goes to the state while we are an expense--cooool.)

If we could get 20% of productive citizens to do this The Poilitburo on the hill would have to take notice as their revenue evaporates and expenses increase with clogged courts and bureaucrats overwhelmed trying to collect what is "due" to them.

They would have to cave in.

Think, just think of the men who plegedged lives, LIVES, fortunes FORTUNES and their sacred honor!!!

What are the sacrifices I propose when we have that courage in our history?

Are we Americans or sheep?

Does anyone have the interest and talent to form an organization

Note I am FOWG, didianes was that security word Google demanded. I'll try to change it later.

Stop the presses/ Patrick said...

Today the Government targets AIG executives whose actions they don't like.Tomorrow, who will be their punitive tax targets? Cops, married heterosexual couples, military personnel, etc.?