Saturday, February 7, 2009

Further Evidence of Our Socialist In Chief

How many nitwits still believe that this guy is going to govern from the center, when to the very core of his being he oozes social-is-tic views, if not worse? Check out the hard evidence, of course never uncovered (or revealed) by the high and mighty MSM.


TC43 said...

Will Maine Residents Show Guts?
Susan Collins and Olympia Snowe have signaled to America that they will vote YES on H.R.1. Will the residents of Maine inundate their Senator’s offices with demands to either restructure that bill or vote NO? I call on the good people of Maine, (and PA – Arlen Spector) to stand up and fight for America’s future NOW. Either change that bill or vote NO

Mad Mom said...

Let's hope so, TC43. Collins and Snowe are not up for re-election in 2010, but by the time there Senate seats are up, the full effects of this disastrous bill will be felt on the economy. At that point, I will do my utmost to remind the residents of Maine that their Senators sold them, and the rest of America, up the river. Mainers, it's up to you.

undertaker said...

I have presented my two children, well one is 23 but in school, with an invoice, due and payable in the future, in the amount of $37,500 as their portion of the National Debt. They came unglued and asked what the bill was for. I explained that we needed to pay for public housing, welfare, and medical benefits for the people who don’t work, as well as a bunch of projects the government was voting for this week. They asked, "Why didn't we get to say anything about that?" Well, I explained that a lot of other people voted for the people that made those decisions. They were unanimous in their reaction that who ever voted for that was in their own words, "off scale stupid". They asked how they could keep that bill from going any higher and I told them, you better tell your friends to be careful whom they vote for and find out what they are up to before they vote. Also, that they need to tell their friends that they too have the same bill but don't know about it yet. I also told them that the same people in Congress might be changing the way the news was presented and even the programs they watched. The things that came out of their mouths I will not repeat. They went out of here with those statements and were not happy campers. Now I have two political activists on my hands.

Mad Mom said...

Great idea, undertaker! Kids need to know what the consequences of elections are, and not just vote for the coolest guy. If only we could come up with a national campaign to send each person ages 16-29 the same invoice and an explanation like you did. Maybe they would think twice before just voting for the slickest talker.

Revolution2010 said...

Brilliant! I am a firm believer in teaching kids about accountability and responsibility for their actions. Mine are 3 and 1. The 3 year old is pretty good but the 1 year old, well, he doesn't quite get it yet. My husband and I have just implemented an 8 - 10 year plan to pay off our house. One of the biggest reasons I wanted to do it was to set an example for our boys. They learn so much more from watching what we do than hearing what we say. I keep saying to everyone I know that in some ways, this recession is AWESOME because it will show a young generation what irresponsibility breeds. Maybe after we get through it we will be our grandparents who didn't believe in credit or the stock market! Just good honest hard work and living inside our means.