Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Stop Obama or America Will Cease to Exist

Alan Keyes on Obama


Anonymous said...

Keyes is still smarting over Obama's landslide victory in the Senate race. Keyes lost big time.

Keyes has been outspoken in his campaign to have the 17th Amendment repealed. That's the one that says Senators are elected, rather than appointed.

Keyes admitted on his blog (in the comments) that his lawsuit isn't even based on a valid EO. He said that it was about justice.

This is the same man who opposed economic sanctions on South Africa as punishment for Apartheid. Justice?

Keyes took money from his campaign funds when he ran in Maryland. His "salary". $100k.

Keyes threw his daughter out. She came out as a lesbian. Doesn't fit his image.

Keyes is irrelevant in the conservative movement. This is just his way of staying in sight. He's hatred of Obama is transparent. He is a bitter man.

Mad Mom said...

Your points may be valid, but that that does not mean that Keyes is not correct in his assessment of Obama. Even the bitter have eyes and ears.