Saturday, February 7, 2009

Lay It On Thick

Below is a list of the Democrat Incumbents for Senate up for re-election in 2010, as well as the traitorous three Republicans who plan to Vote Yes on the Spendulus Bill. I urge each and every one of you to call or fax these individuals to express your outrage about this plan to mortgage our kids futures with spending which will do nothing to actually stimulate our economy. The CBO (Congressional Budget Office) has crunched the numbers and states that it will do MORE damage to our economic future than if no stimulus plan is passed at all. CEOs are coming out against it. It's nothing but a barf bag of Democrat paybacks and hallucinatory dreams from the past 40 years. Do your part, NOW! Even if you are not one of their constituents, you can still give campaign money to their opponents in the 2010 election- make sure they know that when you call!

Democratic incumbents

Blanche Lincoln of Arkansas
Barbara Boxer of California
Michael Bennet of Colorado
Christopher Dodd of Connecticut
Daniel Inouye of Hawaii
Roland Burris of Illinois
Evan Bayh of Indiana
Barbara Mikulski of Maryland
Harry Reid of Nevada
Kirsten Gillibrand of New York
Chuck Schumer of New York
Byron Dorgan of North Dakota
Ron Wyden of Oregon
Patrick Leahy of Vermont
Patty Murray of Washington
Russ Feingold of Wisconsin

Republican incumbents

Arlen Specter of Pennsylvania

Other Republican traitors:

Olympia Snowe of Maine
Susan Collins of Maine


John said...

You have to be a fool to think that the bill in front of the Senate today will help America. That being said, if the Senators that vote FOR that bill are your Senators then you, too are being taken for fools. Are you simply going to sit around and let it happen or are you going to get up and fight for what's right for this country?

Anonymous said...

Mad Mom,
You go girl! I am in the same boat. I am actually a stay at home mother of 2 boys. I have had enough and am trying to affect change and education in any way that I can. I have started a Blog recently and would love for you to come and visit!
Thanks so much for doing the work on the re-election stats for the Dems and traitors of the Constitution. I have been addicted to CSPAN for the last week, I just can't turn it off. This H.R.1 Bill is the biggest load of crap I have ever seen. We are a free market capatilist country(or at least we were) and the last time I checked, business sometimes fail in those parameters. The government needs to sit down and pay off what they can of the national debt with any "spare" money they think they have found. We are Americans and we will fix our own economy with out any handouts or welfare, thank you very much! Thanks again for the info!

Mad Mom said...

Thanks Revolution-I'll definitely stop by. If enough of us get our dander up and ACT to make change, then we are bound to change the national discourse at some point. Thanks for your efforts.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mad Mom,
I like your website. I am a full-time mom, part-time physician, and I am fed up with the government wasting my hard-earned dollars on pork projects, illegal immigrants, abortion, aid to ungrateful nations, the U.N., perks for politicians, etc., etc. The colonists revolted for less than what we endure. We will all soon be slaves to government elitists if we don't take action!
Keep up the good work!

Doctor Mom

Anonymous said...

I just e-mailed each and every up for re-election senator on this list and had copied & pasted the pertinent words starting with "outrage"d and changed the "your" to I
Great idea!!! Thanks.

Mad Mom said...

Thanks Anon- everybody needs to take the time to do exactly what you have done. Call, email or fax these traitors to the American people!