Wednesday, February 25, 2009

In Obama's World, Terrorists No Longer Exist

I guess we can feel comforted that the war on terror is over. At least according to Janet Napolitano, who won't mention the "T" word (is that like the new "N" word?). Apparently denial is magic, and she can wish the bad guys away.

Of course, this is typical of liberal thinking when it comes to criminals. It is far more important to fight for the rights of the bad guys than to protect the victims of these same individuals. Obama's administration is just taking this concept to the next level, by allowing the worst of the bad guys to skate, whilst thousands of American lives hang in the balance. But hey, we're expendable for the cause, right?

This is an extremely significant article. It shows that since President Obama has stated we are not the enemy of Islam, he will not allow Napolitano to use the "T" word, the "9/11" reference, or "vulnerability". This subtle change in dialogue is supposed to make
things go away I suppose. Do you feel more comfortable or less threatened? Next thing you know, Obama will tell Homeland security not to raise the "Threat Level" or even delete the term all together.


Kathy said...

I'll take my chances against tornadoes, floods, hurricanes, but would really, really like my government to pay attention to terrorists......specifically Islamic Terrorists. All Muslims are not terrorists, but did you notice how almost all terrorists are Muslim? And our approach is to make nice and don't talk about it?

Mad Mom said...

That seems to be the new strategy. God help us.