Saturday, February 28, 2009

Just Who Is Pulling Obama's Strings?

Here is some really interesting background information about how Obama was plucked from obscurity back in the 80's and groomed for bigger things. Take note of the radicals and Arab sponsors who propelled his career. Be sure to check out the various links to dig deeper; it gets more bizarre with every click.

Who is Khalid-al-Mansour?

Now add in the administration's about face in regards to US attitude towards Israel, and it really makes one wonder what the Arab world's relationship is with Barack Hussein Obama.


undertaker said...

Now we know why Obama wanted her as Sec State. He has her precisely where he wants her. She is under his control and anytime Obama wants to backstab her he has his VP or CIA people do an end run on her. He has effectively neutered her and she is now his puppet. Of course, Bill's ties to Dubai don't hurt their mutual agenda at all.

Mad Mom said...

Yeah, it's a nice little set-up isn't it?

Anonymous said...

Oh, come on! You are just being a racist!

Just kidding. This info was definitely available to anyone who cared to know about it prior to the election. I guess we learned how many people cared to know.

Mad Mom said...

Rick, I think many people did want to know, and in it's totality with all the other radical characters with whom Obama associated, it makes a very compelling story. Yet nobody reported it! Citizens shouldn't have to be online sleuths to learn who their leader is associated with and to whom he may have some sort of obligations. I think it's a disgrace; the media is a disgrace.

Anonymous said...

Go to You Tube and search for the full version of The Obama Deception. It's a one hour, fifty minute video that's worth everyone sitting down to watch and heed. It'll lay the plan all out for you and if we don't act, and act FAST, we are doomed forever.