Saturday, February 21, 2009

Putin for President?

At the recent economic summit meeting, Putin had this to say:
One always has to take Putin's words with a grain of salt, as clearly his interests are not always in line with those of the US. But maybe, this time, our interests are aligned, and his warning should be heeded. And why is it that everyone else in the world seems to see where we are headed and Americans continue to blindly follow The Messiah off the cliff? Are we too busy playing video games and watching American Idol to give a crap? Any thoughts?


G.A.Rowe said...

"Putin’s comments come in sharp contrast to Russia’s own military buildup and expansion."

He who heeds the advice of the Devil, is slated to be the Devil's slave!

Putin is KGB, always and forever - NEVER forget that!

Mad Mom said...

Absolutely true, GA. That, however, does not mean that he wrong to warn the US about heading towards socialism. It may be HIS best interest that we don't go down that road, as well as ours.

G.A.Rowe said...

O.K., Mom. Putin only cares about Putin, and no others. That is why when he left the "Presidency" he handpicked his successor, and then became Prime Minister. Look back at the Communist Party in the old Soviet Union, the Party Chairman was always boss - now look at Prime Minister . . . aka Party Boss. The invasion of Georgia was directed by Putin, not Medvedev (Putin's Puppet), and the recent closure of the American airbase in Kyrg is also at Putin's direction. Putin is no friend of the USA, no matter how much GWB said he liked him. KGB will always stab you in the back, no matter what you do for them, that's why the comment about the Devil. To become KGB one had to be all Communist. That is what Putin is to this day and forever, all Communist and nothing else.

undertaker said...

Putin saw first hand what a government controlled economy did to the Union of Soviet SOCIALIST Republic. Russia's economy recovered after a mild form of democracy and semi-private economy were put in place. Russia's economy and the US economy are intertwined and it is not to Russia's advantage for the US economy to fail. Above all, Putin is smart, devilish yes, but economically he knows what works best and it is not a socialized or nationalized economy.

Mad Mom said...

That's exactly what I think, UT. It is not in Putin's best interest for the US to go down that road and to become weak. Whatever his reasons, they are his. Perhaps he feels that we keep his massive next door neighbor in check.

Anonymous said...

from The Guardian (uk)- 11/20/08: Russia close to economic collapse as oil price falls, experts predict

from The Economist - 12/16/08: Boom to bust and worse - The state of the economy in Russia looks worse with each passing day

from International Herald Tribune:
"Plummeting oil prices, a 70 percent descent in stock markets here, a global credit crisis and a slow-motion bank run on this country’s private banks — Russia has had to spend its reserves faster than anybody imagined"

Yeah... We should listen to Putin.

Mad Mom said...

Exactly my point. Putin knows firsthand how ruinous socialism is to an economy.