Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Stopping Obama

After just over a month of Obama in office, we are well on our way to becoming a socialist state. Today, Obama announced broad plans on financing universal healthcare by raising taxes, and banning assault weapons, except for Mexican gang members. Our guaranteed Consitutional Rights are being swindled away by our Radical-in-Chief. He is spending our future away with massive spending bills and bailouts. His DH Secretary won't utter the word terrorism.

A contributor to my blog sent me these thoughts. I'd like to hear feedback from you on how Obama can be stopped from turning our great Republic into a Socialist State.

"We have four fundamental problems in any attempt to prevent Obama from socializing the United States.
First, the numbers of liberals, the misguided, and the masses of people who want to continue living off the government dole, far outnumber the patriots and the educated who see precisely what this man is doing to the country. Those numbers will continue to swell as the Hispanics view Bwana as their ticket to citizenship, and he will keep that vision firmly in the forefront of their trespassing minds. He wants an amnesty bill so bad he can't stand it. That is one bill that must be defeated at
all costs.
Second, he has effective control over all three branches of the government, so the checks and balances have been neatly set aside.
Three, the MSM still will not overtly blow his cover. They will continue to color the actions of the incumbent precisely the way he wants his agenda to be portrayed. The MSM thus becomes complicit in the crimes against the constitution.
Four, the most difficult of all problems is to combine the efforts of the conservatives who are thinking along the same lines, into a single force that is visible and focused. This must happen in order for him to be stopped. Without this combined force, the foregoing three problems become insurmountable. Period.
That is the true nature of the problem "We the People" face today."


G.A.Rowe said...

O.K., So you have seen the problem and complained about it. What do you suggest we do about it?

Don't get me wrong . . . I am on your side, but I was raised to look for a solution, not just complain. We need to make some Constitutional alterations and PDQ!

Any suggestions? Look on USWeapons blog for some of mine.

Mad Mom said...

GA Rowe, Completely agree. And I have advocated many times on various posts here for people to stand up and be counted; to make their voices heard. I have provided instructions, numbers, even wording to use when calling legislators. I have provided links to organizations which are creating grass roots resistance and organizing protests. What else do you suggest we do? I read USWeapons blog as well, but I haven't seen anything posted there that will change the course of events in the TIME we have to turn this Titanic of a mess around. Obama is changing this country in an extraordinarily speedy fashion, and we need to act NOW. But will protests do it? I am all ears for ideas to promote. Thanks for your comment.

Anonymous said...

We need someone to be our (General) to bring everyone in. We need massive public protests in every city & town. We need news coverage which is hard since almost all are drinking the liberal coolade.

Mad Mom said...

John, That's a good analogy; we do need a General, because we are effectively at war, a war of ideas. We need to present a united front and we need a charismatic leader who has the ability to coalesce and activate the troops on the ground.

undertaker said...

I believe the somber mood is beginning to sink in to more and more people. The conservatives need to speak with one voice for "We the People". Web sites need to start cross linking and eventually a single site needs to be the focus of attention for action. has done that for the liberals. Obama makes great use of the Internet. We must do the same.

In addition, we need to speak out in our daily activities at work, before and after church, basically anywhere there is an audience. School teachers, business leaders and co-workers must be reached with the message of what is happening.

I saw two interesting questions tonight, and wish I had linked to the post. It went something like this, "At what time should the people of Germany acted to stop Hitler? And what should they have done?" Are we not facing a similar crossroads in the history of the Republic?

Mad Mom said...

Excellent points, undertaker. The question about Hitler as it relates to our new leader has been in my mind since last Fall. This man has got to be stopped before he destroys this country. The speed at which he is acting to irrevocably transform the US into a socialist (or fascist) state tells me he KNOWS he has to move fast for a reason.