Sunday, February 1, 2009

Call Your Senators and Tell Them "No, Baby, No!"

A mini revolution is afoot, my friends. There is growing opposition in the Senate to the $900B Stimulus Plan by not only Republicans, but by some Democrats as well. The only way the tide will change is if each and every one of us, and our friends and families, pick up the phone and make a one minute call to our Senators. Whether you live in a red state or a dyed in the wool blue state, this is a critical time to make your voice count. Even they cannot ignore an outcry of disgust among their constituents.

This will not be easy, but the Senate has the numbers to make a difference. Some Republicans may cross lines to support the package, but some fiscally conservative Democrats who defect can make up the difference. Obama promised a new era of bipartisanship. Let's give it to him! Get to the Phones, NOW!

PS Find your Senators' contact information to the right on the page


TC43 said...

Eleven Democrats voted NO on the embarrassing House bill. What does that tell you?
It clearly says that the bill is not worthy of Americans that need leadership in Congress.
Speak up folks. Don't let them pass the bill as written.

SP66 said...

So you don't want to protect Americans by preventing STD's? Where are your priorities TC43?

Mad Mom said...

When Biden told us to "Gird our Loins", clearly he warned us that there would be no STD prevention if Republicans thwarted the will of the Obama administration!

Anonymous said...

You people better wake up to Obama's Saul Alinsky methods and desires to create a socialist country out of the USA. Call those senators and decry the porkulus, political payback package; the other vast amounts of handouts hasn't worked so why are we supposed to buy into this one. Our children & grandchildren are going to be indentured servants, making payments to the Chinese & Arabs! And the Chicago mobster's "hurry-up to do it my way" is a sure sign of tyranny!

rightwinger said...

Great site - I have bookmarked it. Thanks for making the effort to do this.

Please read and consider signing my Responsible Stimulus Reform petition at


Mad Mom said...

Rightwinger- already signed on to your petition- keep up the good fight!

Baus said...

I really have only one point to make:

Why in the world after failure after complete and utter failure would we entrust ANY politician of ANY political party to make decisions of this magnitude that can and will have completely devestating effects, not so much for us but for our children and our future generations? One word, apathy. We really don’t care, this is after all the ‘ME’ generation. I am so proud of the fact that I grew up in a country where, even though I was DIRT POOR growing up, I was able to make it on my own and actually be relatively successful. I only regret my kids won’t have the same opportunity.

Here is the good news my fellow conservatives and liberals, we are going to (very soon) be given an opportunity to rectify this in a way that will make everyone happy… Here is how it goes:

Sometime in the next 10-15 years as our country has moved through our next great social experiment in socialism - yes, America has tried this before on a small scale and realized real quick, much like Rome and the USSR that it simply doesnt work - and we find ourselves completely insolvent, our children (I pray to god) will rise up (civil war 2.0)… America will be split into 2 countries, one founded on left principles and one on right principles. 1 question though; if the left is the party of the poor, who is going to work to pay all those taxes to take care of them? Seems to me the second someone in that country made money they would be looking to immigrate to the right? But what do I know...

Mad Mom said...


I hope your prediction doesn't come true, as I love this great country from coast to coast. I'm afraid the rancor is only increasing though, and how that will ultimately be resolved, I don't know. My prediction is that an unexpected external event will basically force everyone to come together as Americans to deal with issues that eclipse partisanship. Or Obama and the Dems will simply be complicit in their own undoing, without any effort on the part of the right.