Saturday, January 31, 2009

BO Zeroes in on Defense

Whilst the legislature debates the wasteful $819B porculus bill, Barack Obama has asked the Joint Chiefs to evaluate the defense department and cut 10% from their budgets. The Big O came into Washington promising to go line by line through the budget, and cut out waste, which is admirable. I hope he lives up to that promise. And I'm sure that Defense has some fat to cut, just like every government program. But it just doesn't jive that while Defense goes on the cutting block, he's planning to grossly enlarge other areas of government, particularly pertaining to entitlement programs. I thought he meant he'd look at every government program for wasteful spending, not just those pertaining to our national security.

Like I mentioned, every federally funded program seems to have some inherent waste. It's how the government, unlike the private sector, operates. But I came across an interesting post on an op-ed on the Fox Forum by someone claiming to work at the Pentagon for 30 years:

"I have been in the Pentagon for over 30 years, also. and have been associated with the Acquisition side of business in the 5-sided building. Yes, there are contracts which are wasteful. But you need to also be transparent in your statement that the Congressional rules by which the Acquisition process must follow breeds the wastefulness there. So when the prez directs the SecDef and CJCS to cut spending, it puts the onus upon them to determione where to cut costs and assess that risk. All the while avoiding the real problem and that is the broken acquisiton system levied upon the OSD staff by way of Congress. If O'Bama really wants to cut Pentagon spending, he needs to first turn to Congress and get the rules reviewed and changed. Otherwise, this pressure on the current POM cycle brings risk to our soldiers and military programs."

If this is the case, then why isn't BO addressing the root cause of the problem, and getting Congress to change the rules which will allow for a more seemless and efficient Defense Department, instead of snipping away at the edges where it can cause our military and national security the most harm?

I feel less safe every day with this guy at the helm. I bet the guys on the battlefield do too.

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Anonymous said...

You people better wake up to Obama's Saul Alinsky methods and desires to create a socialist country out of the USA. Call those senators and decry the porkulus, political payback package; the other vast amounts of handouts hasn't worked so why are we supposed to buy into this one. Our children & grandchildren are going to be indentured servants, making payments to the Chinese & Arabs! And the Chicago mobster's "hurry-up to do it my way" is a sure sign of tyranny!