Sunday, January 11, 2009

Bush III

Has anyone noticed how similar Obama's proposed policies are mimicking those of the Bush administration with each passing day? The liberal intelligentsia must be on the verge of having a collective stroke.

The first Bush III policy changes came soon after the election, when Obama received his first top secret security briefing. Reality must have hit him square in the face, because his grandiose ideas of a Kumbeyah world seemed to have disappeared and his stated stance on terror toughened. What did he actually think the security briefing would reveal- that Bush and his cronies had made up the stories of how extremists want to obliterate us? My bet is that Obama crapped his pants that day. Most recently, he is even backtracking on quickly closing Gitmo, because, as he now states, "there are dangerous people there who would do us great harm". Duh. Regarding the war in Iraq and Afghanistan, he has kept the Bush team on board. Hmmm, maybe he realizes that they actually know what they're doing over there.

Obama's economic policy has taken on similar aspects to Bush's, not that that is such a good thing, as Bush has become our first Socialist President with his billions of dollars in bailouts and nationalizing of private businesses. It's like the two men have merged into one persona. They are now in collusion to spend the last half of the $350 billion dollar bailout immediately, and together are trying to figure out how to coerce a skeptical Congress into giving them what they want. Even when it comes to taxes and entitlements, Obama has become more Bush-like. He's backtracked on his plans to increase taxes on the wealthy, and plans a revamp of entitlement programs such as Medicare and Social Security.

Bush's approval ratings hover around 20%. Give Obama a year, and then watch his ratings drop like a stone into the ocean, as it dawns on his supporters that instead of the "change they can believe in", they got snookered into "more of the same."

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