Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A New Era in America

Today Barack Obama will be sworn in as President of the United States of America, heralding in an unprecedented change for our nation. I am glad that we are finally here, if only to momentarily quiet the Bush haters and let the new guy demonstrate if he can really deliver. The great genius of Obama's campaign was to allow people to transfer their hopes and dreams onto him like a blank screen, as we really never got to know the man, and for what he stands.

Soon that will change. Will he capitulate to the demands of the far left loons in Congress and the Senate? Or will he govern ever cognizant of November 2012, knowing that most Americans don't want big government; they just want efficient government? Will he heed the lessons of history when it comes to fixing our ailing economy? While I have no doubt that Obama is intelligent, I sometime marvel at his naivete, such as his sudden change of stance on terror and the Iraq war after his initial security briefings post-election. Did he really think all that terrorist stuff was just conjured up by the Bush administration? Does he really not know the ramifications of FDR's policies during the Great Depression? One only hopes that he will approach his Presidency with a centrist's viewpoint, and have the strength to thwart the rantings of his moronic cohorts in the legislative branch.

Today is a day of reflection and hope for all Americans, regardless of political persuasion. Many are euphoric at this historic moment. But we all should be proud that the great democratic experiment put forth by our founding fathers continues to stand the test of time, and remains alive and well. They sure knew what they were doing. Let's hope Obama shares some of their wisdom.

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