Monday, January 5, 2009

Where is Ford's Most Cutting Edge Auto Plant?

For the past 20 years, my dad has been a strong advocate of buying American cars from American companies. No more. Since the automobile bailout, and the refusal of the UAW to give up any concessions, he will now buy other US-made, but foreign owned, car brands, such as Toyota and Honda. He recently informed the owner of the local GM dealership where he lives, and from whom he has bought numerous vehicles, that because of the UAW, he will take his money elsewhere. This seems like a fine strategy to get the point across to automakers that if we want American car companies to thrive (which we do) then they must be able to compete in the global markeplace. We're not in Kansas anymore (or Michigan) and the UAW had better realize that unless they change their ways, the American automobile industry is circling the drain, bailout or no bailout. An unsustainable business plan can only be propped up by the government for so long before taxpayers revolt and say "enough". (Shameless plug- get your "enough" t- shirt by clicking on the link to the right).

This is a short video of a new Ford plant in Brazil . One look at this and you will be able to tell why there will probably never be another one built in the USA . It will also point out why more assembly plants will go offshore.

And pay attention to the last few words. That sentence says a lot!

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