Thursday, January 22, 2009

Adopt a Terrorist

Due to Obama's executive order to close Gitmo, there will soon be an abundance of terrorists wandering the streets with no home and no means of supporting themselves. I suggest that the ACLU create a non-profit organization entitled "Adopt a Terrorist". Liberal lovers of terrorist rights could then cleanse their bleeding hearts of the past 7 years of horrific Caribbean living which the terrorists at Gitmo have had to endure. "Adopt a Terrorist" advocates may provide clothing, food, shelter, and bomb making equipment for those who have been wronged. Access to educational sites on the internet such as bioterrorism, dirty bombs, and how to infiltrate the US via cargo container is highly recommended. In return, adoptive familes will receive a free pass from the next terror attack on US soil.

Retraction: Adoptive families will not receive a free pass from terrorist attacks on US soil. Sorry, they still hate you too.


Anonymous said...

Let's see...

"you are tired of the corrupt political system" (you mean Bush's eight years of corruption?)

Obama has been in the office for.... 1 day! and your post is a 'America it is Time to Revolt'

Let me have the satisfaction and throw this gem back in your face for a change... "WHY DO YOU HATE AMERICA???"

I say, Love it or leave it! LoL!

John said...

Anon says “Bush's eight years of corruption?”. Please tell me about the corruption, … please be specific. Let’s debate.
Anon says “your post is a 'America it is Time to Revolt'”. This blog has been here for months. It didn’t just happen yesterday. The name is perfect. Do you want America to become a socialist state?
Anon says “Let me have the satisfaction and throw this gem back in your face for a change... "WHY DO YOU HATE AMERICA???”. If you read all of the posts you will see that Mad Mom LOVES this country and it’s constitutional values. She doesn’t want to lose that.

Mad Mom said...

Couldn't have said it better myself, John!

Anonymous said...

Or else just put them all up in housing in DC. Oh don't forget to give them the blueprints and plans for security at the White House.