Friday, January 9, 2009

This Is It

You know that scene near the end of the movie Titanic, in which Leonardo DeCaprio and Kate Winslet are holding onto the rails and looking over the edge of the great ship, which bobs completely upright for a few moments before plunging into the icy Atlantic forever? As the ship starts to descend, Leonardo yells "This is it!".

Well that's exactly how I feel about the state of our government, our leaders, our economy, and our prospects about now. This is it. We're going down, it's going to be bad, really bad, we have no control, and all we can do is hang on for the ride and hope that we can hold our breath long enough to come to the surface without being dragged down by the colossal beast. And then once the ship sinks, it's still going to be rough, and who knows if we'll survive the aftermath?

After hearing Obama's plan to throw everything AND the kitchen sink into his stimulus plan, I'm even more anxious. Does he just not have a clue, and figures that if you throw enough crap against the wall, some of it's going to inevitably stick?
Or will we be handed the new Socialist States of America on a platter, cooked up and served so quickly that we didn't even have a chance to look at the menu?

I just can't get some gnawing little questions out of my head. Where is the money coming from and what are the future ramifications? I was brought up to be responsible with my finances, so perhaps that's why I can't get this question out of my mind. Many Americans, apparently, have never given a thought to this issue regarding their own expenses, so why would they worry about the government's borrowing habits? Then I read editorials like Mr. Krugman's in the NYT today, in which he begs Obama to spend more, baby, more, and oodles of commenters say "Yeah!". Huh? What fantasyland do these people live in?

Then there are the pesky details about the spending, which, in order to be implemented, are huge roadblocks. Even if projects are shovel ready, roads and bridges and infrastructure need permitting and reviews and approvals by a gazillion state and local committees, which take FOREVER to work their way through the bureaucratic process. Having worked on a small town Historical Commission for 10 years, I saw this process up front and personal on a very small scale, and the bureaucracy was mind boggling. Government just doesn't DO fast.

I understand that nobody has had a chance to read the plan yet, but why are fiscal conservatives afraid to speak up? Isn't it their job to do so if they were elected under such a premise? We are not talking small numbers here; we're talking about mortgaging our kids' futures. Economists are already saying that the proposed tax cuts are a waste of money and will do nothing to stimulate the economy. So why waste that $300 billion. Save it, man.

But I fear that nobody is listening, and nobody in charge is heeding the lessons of history. So here we are, looking over the precipice. We're going down. This is it.


John said...

Mad Mom,
I've been watching you!
I love your posts and your readership's comments, all thought-provoking, insightful and sometimes very amusing. Thank god that we can still laugh a little amidst the surrounding chaos.
I also like the Malkin link...she offers expanded awareness....excellent.
But YOU have a problem. Why so few comments?
Is it visibility...are you not reaching enough audience? Are your readers too busy to comment...don't they care?
You cannot go on day after day simply blogging away. You have so much more to offer your country. Find a way to reach more concerned citizens....time is of the essence.

Mad Mom said...

Dear John, Thanks for your support. Any suggestions for reaching more citizens with our message?

John said...

Now that's good thinking Mom; turn that challenge around to your readership to offer suggestions as to how to more effectively make a difference. That's a good start.
Oh boy, now I'll have to really think...I'm doomed.
Here's an observation.
The term "organization" comes to mind. Remember how Americans came together several years ago and forced our legislators to reconsider their direction on the issue of illegal immigration? I spent hours on the phone, writing emails and sending letters to the Senate and the House, speaking with people on the subject and getting them interested in doing the same. We needed a bigger voice, one that would be heard by them. They eventually did get the message and it forced them to reconsider their strategy. Yes, that issue remains a work-in-process but it helped at the time.
OK, so maybe you could organize a grass-roots group of like-minded citizens that are willing to work with you to form a charter, a set of principles and some short/long term objectives. I'd be willing to help

Mad Mom said...

John, Thanks for your commitment and efforts to actually get things done! We need more of that and less complaining with no action. Any help you and anyone else can provide is great. There are so many options for finding like minded citizens with the internet. For instance, at, there are lists of conservative blogs to tap into to guide people to my blog by commenting on something said in one of my posts on another conservative blog, or even on an article in an online newspaper. I've joined Facebook and have joined with other conservative voices in networks formed for the state of RI and throughout the US. (FYI you can now go to to read this blog.) There are so many people with our concerns- it's a matter of linking these people and then pushing for action together, whether it is via emailing and calling our leaders, or marching on the hill. Thanks again for your enthusiasm!

Dayton Dave said...

Here's an idea: What if all of us conservatives were to just stop paying taxes? Are we not able to go to our employers and ask them to stop witholding tax money from our paychecks? Than never send in our payments? They can't put us all in jail....

Anonymous said...

Your god damn right. im actually trying to get the word out. Im making flyers, with basic explanations of economic policies and ramifications, and im going to litter thousands of them accross the local malls in my area. THat will be fun. wathcing the truth, on paper, falling like snowflakes on the uninformed, lemming consumerist debt junkees. Will anything change? I doubt it, bit at least im trying.

Mad Mom said...

It is definitely going to take something big to get the attention of our government leaders, because they seem intent on ignoring the will of the people. And if we sit idly by, they will mortgage our future away with nary a thought to the consequences. We must band together and our actions must speak with one giant booming voice which cannot be ignored any longer!

Smitty said...

No Taxation without Representation. Call it the new tea party. some research on the Federal Reserve if you havent already. They created a plan long ago to bury this country in debt and without a major change, nothing can be done to fix it. Start with this...the Fed is a PRIVATE organization, not a government organization. Thats right...people actually own it. Their product is simple, they have the exclusive right to print money (money supply) and LEND it to the American Government (core interest rate). There are a bunch more fun facts you may find in your research, including the fact that several career IRS agents spent over 2 years searching for the law that made Income Taxes legal. They found such law doesnt exist, and abruptly quit.

Mad Mom said...

Smitty, Really interesting points you make. Thanks for the information!