Monday, January 26, 2009

I Won

So said President Obama in his "bipartisan" meeting with Republicans last week to discuss the $825B and counting fiscal stimulus plan to be passed sometime in the next few weeks. Obama wants bipartisan support (read CYA in case the whole shebang goes south and does nothing for the economy.) Which is exactly what it will do.

First of all, is this guy a bratty nine year old? Who says "I won" in the real world to one's adversaries when trying to hammer out a deal? Secondly, the Republicans would be wise to steer way clear of approving this mother of a plan, which will do nothing to stimulate the economy in an expedient manner, and is so laden with liberal dream pork, it's like a bucket of organic lard.

Only $26 billion of the $825B will be spent this year. It's January, for Pete's sake-they've got a whole year to grease the economic engines and this is the best they can do? Virtually nothing in the entire plan will create long term job growth, stimulate consumer spending, or result in saving jobs. Infrastructure, road, and bridge building take years to get going, even if they are "shovel ready". (And how many government funded infrastruture and road building projects have you heard of that come in at budget and on time?) The tax "rebates" are nothing more than welfare checks to those who don't pay taxes. Rebates don't work. As an example, please see Bush's rebate stimulus plan of last spring. It barely increased consumer spending, and that was BEFORE the crisis hit. Nobody is going to spend a rebate check on a tv- they are going to squirrel it away, resulting in zero stimulus to the economy. Finally, the crap that bogs down the bill such as spending on contraceptives is outright ludicrous. By the way, would someone please ask Nancy Pelosi who is going to fund Social Security for all of us in the future? It's the people who are born TODAY who will carry our water buckets, Princess. (Maybe you should reconsider your corporate jet. Oh sorry that's only for business people, not lowly public servants such as yourself).

The only good I see coming out of this plan is it's complete and total inability to stimulate the economy. There won't be any spin factor that could possibly twist it's illegitemacy. Obama and the liberal ideology will be proven useless and ineffective and hopefully 2010 will result in a new dawn for America. It's a shame that we have to endure this darkest night for such an unnecessarily long period because of such misguided thinking.


thestickgatherer said...

Did you happen to hear Rush Limbaugh's economic stimulus plan?

If not, go on over to and read the transcript or listen to the audio.

I also have a new designation for Mr. Obama; PIC (Pessismist in Chief)

Mad Mom said...

Yes, I did hear Limbaugh's plan. We'll see what response (not) he gets from Obama. I noticed that Rush seems to be fighting fire with fire too- the whole "We are Americans and must address this as one" is so in line with the mush that Obama professes but in which The One truly does not believe.

Obama can also be SIC (Socialist in Chief), TLIC (Terrorist Lover in Chief), or especially, IAAMIC (It's All About Me in Chief). So many monikers; so little time.