Friday, January 30, 2009

Secret Healthcare Agenda Hidden in Stimulus Plan

It's no secret that Barack Obama ultimately wants a universal government funded healthcare system in this country. He has chosen Tom Daschle, an over-the-top advocate for universal healthcare as his nominee for Health and Human Services Secretary. Tom's mantra for enacting this reform, as stated in his 2008 book is "Move fast, before the public can debate, and create as vague a bill as possible". How comforting that in Obama's promised new age of transparent government, he chooses someone who will attempt to sneakily foist upon the American people the single biggest change that will effect their lives.

What's little known however, is the dirty little secret that the current Stimulus Plan contains a huge expansion of government funded healthcare. If this porker of a bill passes, up to 10 million more Americans could be eligible for federal healthcare in the next month. Some of the proposed expansions to "stimulate" the economy:

1. The SCHIP program, initially designed for very poor working families, will now enable families who make up to $65K per year to enroll.
2. Medicaid will expand to include Americans who have lost their jobs. In most cases, states cannot apply income tests, so the Investment Banker who just lost his job can sign up for free health care, courtesy of you, the taxpayer. His family gets the free ride too.
3.COBRA, the plan that allows the unemployed retain the insurance of their former employer will allow for workers over the age of 55 to retain this coverage until they are eligible for Medicare at 65, and the feds will pick up 65% of the tab.
4. The government will decide which electronic medical records programs can be used by hospitals and physicians.

Finally, the Dems are gearing up to lower the age of Medicare eligibility to 55. Yes, Medicare, the healthcare program that will shortly run out of money as currently written.

I've got to hand it to the new administration; they are darn good at presenting a crisis argument for the passage of the stimulus to the American people, all the while stealthily attempting to enact laws, that once in place, will be virtually impossible to revoke. I don't know what more infuriating; government's outrageous arrogance, or the American people's ignorance and apathy to the monumental shifts that are taking place right under their feet.


USWeapon said...

Great post. I think this entire economic stimulus bill is nothing more than a sham. It seems to me that it is nothing more than a gigantic spending bill that fulfills every democratic wish list for the last bunch of years. The expansion of government over the last 6 months has been amazing. We continue to be told we need them so that they can pass bills that will help ensure that we need them.

Mad Mom said...

Yeah, it's like a great big Circle of Doom.

Anonymous said...

You people better wake up to Obama's Saul Alinsky methods and desires to create a socialist country out of the USA. Call those senators and decry the porkulus, political payback package; the other vast amounts of handouts hasn't worked so why are we supposed to buy into this one. Our children & grandchildren are going to be indentured servants, making payments to the Chinese & Arabs! And the Chicago mobster's "hurry-up to do it my way" is a sure sign of tyranny!

undertaker said...

Excellent article! I spoke with a teacher this evening who taught for four years at West Point and who is extremely well versed on politics and history. She made a good point about how the "crippling" of the democracy is being done. The Defense Department, Patriot Act, Gitmo, the Economy, and Healthcare are all targets. Her point was to watch the road to citizenship that will come to pass for illegal aliens and then a second round of Affirmative Action for them plus healthcare benefits further expanded and eroded. This new President has an agenda that is going to prove disastrous if not put in check. I see a new Conservative Party on the horizon. Only critical thinkers need apply.

Mad Mom said...

I agree, undertaker. The liberals will encourage the citizenship of millions of illegal aliens to bolster their rolls and forever change the equation in their favor. Watch Mexico; it is a bubbling cauldron, and considered #2 of the top threats to US security. If the drug cartels take over with the help of Russia or Venezuela, what do you want to bet that Obama will grant political asylum to anyone who leaves Mexico and enters our country?